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When The Vampire Diaries originally premiered, Klaus, Rebekah, and Eliyah had the best time for the screen. Other family members, such Kol, Finn, Esther, and Mikael himself, were, nevertheless, invited to join.

However, it was disclosed in the second season of The Originals that Mikaelson’s siblings had an older sister, Freya, who was taken away by her aunt as part of a deal with Esther. This twist impacted the show by adding a brother from Mikaelson who isn’t a vampire.

In the years they have had more than the fair share of differences and the Mikaelson family is not exactly what you would call stable.

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But usually, all is forgiven some time later. However, Klaus learned during the first season that Rebekah was called to New Orleans to kill Klaus, which he felt unforgivable. These events have resulted in Rebekah leaving the show.

All today’s vampires can trace their strings back to Mikaelsons (or, rather, non-living). Also, you will find out which The Originals character are you in this quiz.

That came at an expense, though, that would also cost them if one of the Mikaelsons were to die. In season 3, Davina separated Klaus from the Sireline, enabling Klaus to escape the shadows and murder him all by the foes.

Which The Originals character are you

He always wanted him to become a man his brother Elijah, by putting his daughter — and indeed everybody — before him. And Elijah came with the death of Claus, for Elijah was not willing to let his brother die alone in any one world. So in the end the brothers watched each other end their lives with the last white oak stake.

But Freya and Keelin are ready to form a Family with Vincent for those who came to life through the Final, while Marcel and Rebekah have met the promise of human life for the Original Sister whose dream always included a white picnic fence. What The Originals character are you?

EW Spoke to Julie Plec, the exhibitor at Originals about the end—the happy and the unbelievable.

For years we knew one would end, for you can finally discover a solution when you write a story about immortal beings that are able to stop being immortal. I believe that this idea of peace is one of the important things which we have done in the Vampires universe, and now that we know basically that there is peace, then being able to go out of your immortal plane into our version of a quote-unquote paradise is not such a tragedy.

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Elijah’s death could only mean one thing.

There is also an issue that has been discussed in depth in this show: how long is it to live? How is immortality a curse at what point? These brothers might now have a real possibility of happiness by terminating their lives.

I know that I know, I know. I know. The last seconds of this episode are already what I’m talking about, but I can’t help it! And yet, since it was a trip to that moment for the full hour, let’s begin at the beginning.

Just when Klaus is getting on with himself and taking away the enchantment of Hollow for good, Hope has been returning from its first changes and knocking her dad before he can finish his life. Back in New Orleans, the siblings of Klaus link him together, and they try to understand what to do next. His family melodrama is no longer interesting, and he wants his wife back home.

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which the originals character are you
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