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Kudos to Val Kilmer, kind of to frame “Val” as other than a chronicle of events. The film also calls for the idea that fiction is a more real falsehood. It’s doubtful whether ‘Val’ does so ultimately: he’s honest about the physical degradation of the star and his sense that his career was a letdown with his gift. However, in many other respects, it often plays like a picture-management exercise, wandering light on explosive automobile grounds from adulthood, but deeply into family trauma (especially his brother Wesley’s childhood death) and school-free tales.

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A sensation at the festival picked up by the A24, famed for sophisticated dramas, “Val” has been edited as a flashback on his death bed (or like “Listen to Me Marlon,” on Kilmer’s idol and one-time-only coastal costard, Marlon Brando). In film and video, a slipstream of nostalgia and regret passes before his eyes the life of a subject. The archives at Julliard (where he studied acting) are fragments from children’s home movies, Hollywood productions, a range of entertainment programs, electronic press kits and extras for DVDs; the Kilmer’s personal camera and phone library, which he has been storing for decades.

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The biggest turn in Into the Dark comes when Valerie’s new buddy not only fakes her pregnancy, it also fakes her whole connection with Jenny and Tom to kidnap her baby. This is a serious deed and Jenny has the right background to explain why she is focusing so much on this objective. In the beginning, Jenny revealed scars on her stomach implying that she had failed pregnancy attempts, but in reality, the tale behind those scars was far more tragic. Also, you must try to play this Val quiz.

Jenny is a victim of a killer couple who has taken her child from her and forced her to kill her. But her suffering is systemically evident when she puts Val through the same cabbage that she’s experienced. Now she feels she’s owed a kid by the cosmos.

Yet the delicate “Val” on the surface is a tale of a man who had the battle to be understood since he was young and handsome. And he’s been so lovely. Wondrous in the way only a few actors can hope to be every generation; beautiful in the way that Montgomery Clift was lovely but softer on the edges and harder to stick with; beautiful in the way that Hollywood can inspire to flatten the rising star to become a self-screen, projecting behind it without light. A matt vacuum that only reflects its own dark glow. Nothing in the world.

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This was a horrible destiny for a Juilliard-trained actor, who was so enthusiastic about the work that he spoke with the equally serious nature of his cancer and the character he played in Top Gun. Kilmer wanted to be so honest that his work showed to those who saw him some self-awareness, and he packed a weak rubber catsuit as a prize for this goal which reduced him to little more than a big pair of lips, which made it as tough as he did to move as he did to anybody else.

“Val” danced about why Kilmer was stuck with the “difficult” label more stubbornly than so many other Hollywood divinities in the ‘90% — but the fact remains that he rasps unintelligibly through a hole in his neck while attempting to share his soul isn’t far away. This is why Kilmer’s PO Vision has a more unclear and subjective doc. This is his entire lifetime role, and “Val” is much more satisfying if you consider it not as an autobiographical documentary, but as a movie about an actor discovering a means to say more through his characters than his characters could express.

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