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If you think Ronaldo and Messi scored a ton of goals, think again.

Edson Arantes do Nascimento, commonly known as Pelé, was a Brazilian forward who scored 1,279 goals in 1,363 matches (including friendlies). That is an official Guinness World Record. In 840 competitive appearances, he has a competitive tally of 775. Messi and Ronaldo are getting closer, but they’re not there yet, and they’re doing it more often.

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Pelé made his club debut at the age of 15 and joined the Brazilian National Team at the age of 16. He was a dribbler, a goal scorer, and a game ambassador with both feet.

His influence cannot be overstated. The International Federation of Football History & Statistics named him World Player of the Century, and he has received equivalent honors from the International Olympic Committee (Athlete of the Century) and FIFA. Also, you must try to play this Which Soccer Player Are You quiz.

Which Soccer Player Are You

Diego Maradona, the joint winner of FIFA’s Player of the Century Award with Pelé, is unquestionably the most iconic midfield maestro of all time.

And he was — on the pitch, he had a knack for picking out the punishing pass, the ability to twist the hips and drop past opponents. He wasn’t afraid to take on entire teams, as evidenced by his legendary goal of the century against England, but he was also not hesitant to set up teammates or fire from long range.

He was a star both on and off the field. He’d send you one way, then chip your goalkeeper on the way back. When he moved to Napoli in Italy’s Serie A, he set a world record transfer fee and practically single-handedly transformed the club into a European powerhouse. Oh, and he could also whip a free-kick.

It wasn’t simply his ability to beat his man or score impressive goals that made him great; it was also his consistent ability to lift the teams he played for – Argentina and Napoli – beyond even the most ferocious competition.

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His numbers and awards do a lot of the talking for him, but not all of it.

Lionel Messi is a player with a touch, a dribble, a dance, a pivot, an otherworldly way of playing — a player who makes you hold your breath and wait for greatness every time he receives the ball.

He has not only repeated Maradona’s goal of the century and Hand of God, but he has also broken records, taken the game to new heights, and enthralled audiences at every step.

This is a player who has accomplished the unthinkable, the incredible, and the majestic. He’s won everything he’s had a chance to win, and not only has he done it, but he’s done it in style. With style, verve, skill, and ridiculous bravado.

Cristiano Ronaldo is extraordinary for a variety of reasons. His athleticism, pace, power, and pure willpower all contributed to him becoming a soccer sensation, propelling him to and beyond the sport’s elite echelons. The man has just set a new benchmark for performance.

He, too, has evolved. Initially wreaking havoc with his pace, footwork, and driving runs from wide, his game evolved as he grew older. In the latter stages of his career, his jumping ability and eye for a finish drove him closer and closer to goal, until calling him a false nine was simply foolish — he became a true number nine, scoring both solo and poacher’s goals. Almost for amusement.

He’s scored around 720 goals in roughly 1,000 outings (at the time of writing), 56 of which were hat tricks.

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