Which SML Character Are You?

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Take this Which SML Character Are You quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.


I’ll be honest with you: I adore Jeffy. He’s one of the funniest characters in the series, and one of my personal favorites. For example, I burst out laughing every time he knocks up Bully Bill or any other person who annoys him or something. And the one rap song he wrote is a total banger. But I really don’t think he should be in this position because he corrupted half of the audience and everyone is now acting like an 8-year-old. I’m not bothered by Jeffy’s dumb behavior and occasionally chuckle at it, but I can tell other people are. One of the 8-year-olds would label someone a Jeffy hater if they were criticizing him, but if I saw someone criticizing Jeffy, I would understand rather than label them a hater.

Editor’s Picks

Yoshi the Black

He’s on both the good and bad lists for me. He is a slacker who spends his time playing Call of Duty, eating fried chicken, and drinking Kool-Aid. He is also incredibly arrogant and dumb, and he shoots people with his rifle. But I still like him, and I like him more than I dislike him. Also, you must try to play this Which SML Character Are You quiz.

He’s assassinated a slew of people. Which is sometimes a good thing because he has murdered some of the evil guys.

Which SML Character Are You?

Junior Bowser

Why do so many people despise Bowser Jr? I mean, I know he’s a brat, but all he does is ask for toys or food, and Chef Pee Pee and Bowser simply yell at him, turning him into a brat. Jeffy behaves in the same manner as Junior, however, while Junior is amusing, Jeffy is vexing! According to the fan community, Jeffy is more popular than Junior. They must be high since he is retarded and irritates my second favorite character, Mario. Unlike his girlfriend and everyone else, Mario is intelligent. Junior is, in my opinion, the smartest imbecile of all time. I hope Mario kicks Jeffy out, ends his relationship with Rosalina, and kicks out all of the other characters.

Yes, Bowser Junior is an obnoxious brat, but to be honest, I like him. He’s entertaining, SML always makes excellent movies, and I generally watch ones where Bowser Junior is the main emphasis. They’re equally as entertaining to watch as the others. Chef Pee Pee is constantly annoyed by him, but it’s hilarious to watch. But what’s cool about Bowser Junior is that he behaves maturely and knows right from wrong from time to time, despite the fact that he’s a youngster who occasionally acts like an adult. It’s fantastic, in my opinion.

Pee Pee, the chef

Chef Pee Pee is one of my favorite SuperMarioLogan characters. Well, he’s fine. He outperforms the previous Chef Pee Pee videos. But it only gets tedious when he says “I Hate My Life,” but it’s still funny despite how often he says it.

About the quiz

Luigi’s mother

Mama Luigi, reign supreme. To all Jeffrey fans (like myself), if you like characters, Mama Luigi is the way to go. If you don’t believe me, watch some of SML’s older films. I’m sure you’ll agree that SML hasn’t been all about Jeffrey or Junior since 2015. If you want to see any of his old-school videos, I recommend the Stupid and Dumb Adventures Series, Guitar Hero, Luigi’s Secret, and Shamwow.


Cody is the Summer School nerd who no one liked. Junior made an effort to spend time with him in order to make him feel better. Cody has become less “strange” and more fun over the years. I like how he always tries to prove Junior, Joseph, and occasionally Jeffy wrong, but he always fails because they are so stupid. Cody is wonderfully humorous, and his homosexuality only adds to his appeal. He should be one of the top three characters. I’m not sure why Mama Luigi is ranked first. He’s no longer alive. Cody has the best backstory of any character on the program, which makes me like him even more.

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