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Take this Which Red Notice Character Are You quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds team up for Netflix’s next action franchise, Red Notice 2, and here’s all we know so far. Red Notice, directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, is an original action film that will premiere on the streaming service in November 2021. Dwayne Johnson plays FBI profiler John Hartley, Ryan Reynolds plays art thief Nolan Booth, and Gal Gadot plays criminal Sarah Black in the film.

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The plot of Red Notice centers around the search for Cleopatra’s third renowned egg, which brings together John Hartley, Nolan Booth, and Sarah Black. It is Netflix’s most expensive film to date, and it was created in the hopes of creating a new franchise. This is nothing new for Johnson, Reynolds, or Gadot, who have all created and led franchises in the past. Reynolds is now most known for his role in the Deadpool franchise, whilst Gadot was at the vanguard of Wonder Woman’s spectacular franchise launch. Johnson has the most franchise expertise of the three, having remade Jumanji, enhanced the Fast & Furious franchise, and is now a part of the DC Extended Universe with Black Adam. Also, you must try to play this Which Red Notice Character Are You quiz.

Which Red Notice Character Are You?

Red Notice 2 has yet to be formally announced by Netflix. The announcement of a sequel will be totally dependent on how well the film performs on the streaming service. Critics gave Red Notice generally unfavorable reviews, however, the audience response has been more positive. In reality, the reviews should have no bearing on Netflix’s choice to release the sequel. It will depend on how many Netflix users watch the film. Red Notice is largely predicted to be one of Netflix’s biggest movies ever, owing to the massive fanbases of Johnson, Gadot, and Reynolds. If the film receives such a positive response, Red Notice 2 should be announced as soon as possible.

Despite the fact that preparations for Red Notice 2 aren’t official, the film directly sets up another film. The ending of Red Notice skips six months forward, six months after Hartley and Black betrayed Boothe, and depicts the two of them enjoying life together. Boothe then unexpectedly reappears to inform them that he had ratted them out to Interpol, resulting in their bank accounts being frozen. He suggests that the three of them collaborate on a larger project that is now on his radar. Although Hartley does not want to work with Boothe again, Black persuades him to accept the position, and the three of them plot their next adventure – one that Red Notice 2 can fully explore.

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The film starts with an instructive video that describes the (completely fictitious) story of Cleopatra’s three eggs. According to the video, Marc Antony handed Cleopatra three bejeweled eggs on their wedding day, which, once again, is not a genuine story and was made up totally for the film. Two of the eggs were allegedly discovered by a farmer in Cairo in 1907, but the third remained a mystery. The first egg is housed at a museum in Rome, while the second is in a private collection.

Following this film, we observe an unknown man constructing a phony egg. Meanwhile, FBI Agent John Hartley (Johnson) is collaborating with Interpol Inspector Urvashi Das (Rita Arya) in Rome to apprehend the burglar who stole Cleopatra’s first egg from the museum. Hartley eventually apprehends the thief, Nolan Booth (Ryan Reynolds), but the egg they seize from him is a forgery. Inspector Das feels Hartley is responsible, so she contacts the Bureau, only to discover that no one has ever heard of FBI Agent Hartley.

Hartley insists he’s being set up, but he’s still imprisoned. Booth, aka Ryan Reynolds, is revealed to be his cellmate. Booth believes Hartley was framed by The Bishop, a rival criminal who ratted him out. Following a prison brawl, both Hartley and Booth are summoned to a meeting with the captain, who reveals out to be the famed criminal The Bishop (Gal Gadot). She admits to framing Hartley and brags to Booth about stealing the second egg. She then asks Booth to show her where the third egg is because he appears to be the only one who knows where it is.

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