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Take this which Pose character are you quiz to test which character are you? Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

FX the breakthrough drama Pose has closed up his three-season run Sunday with a final series that brought a promise for the future and heartache both.

The series created by the designer Steven Canals and Ryan Murphy helped to launch the historical casting of transgender performers into the 1980’s ballroom drama in a new era of narrative. Pose signs off by honoring Queer men of color and HIV/AIDS cruisers who fight for awareness and access to saving lives after the Peabody Award and the unprecedented Emmy win for lead Billy Porter.

Blanca (Mj Rodriguez) and Pray Tell (Porter) were fighting to access a scientific experiment that recalled strongly the racial inequities of white males that continue to exist. After Pray is approaching death, the drink extends his life to meet his ex-friend, Ricky (Dyllon Burnside). In short, Pray gives his own life to Ricky, as Ricky had no known that Pray gave up its own medicines to preserve his life.

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In a protest against the Acte Up to combat access to life-saving medications, following Pray’s death of Blanca, Ricky and the remainder of her chosen family distributed part of pray’s ash. The series concludes with a hopeful note because Blanca conveys Pray’s words of wisdom to a new generation of children who have entered the balloon industry and struggle to succeed themselves. The series also contained Sex and the City nodes and was featured in a cocktails event that marked the end of Pose’s survival war with Blanca, Elektra (Dominique Jackson), Angel (India Moore), and Lulu(Hailie Sahar).

Which Pose character are you?

On Sunday, Pose took his last bow with a final grand (two hours!) series… And unfortunately, we had an old friend to say farewell to.

However, the lips synthesizing Diana Ross’ Ain’t No Mountain High En. Along with an indoor rainstorm brought a last moment of brilliance to her ball. Pray Tell and Blanca got the glory. Also, you will find out which Pose character are you in this quiz.

Also, Blanca put some of her ashes in locks that all friends would use, and, in protest of the city’s horrendous treatment of AIDS sufferers, she threw the remainder over the Mayor’s front lawn, to the requests of Pray Tell. Blanca has now been a nurse with all the stages, still with Christopher. And conversational sex with Elektra, Angel, and Lulu at the city’s lunch. (However, Elektra never saw the show.) Blanca is still a house mother. With a new LGBTQ group of young men representing the Evangelist House at the balls… and obviously winning.

TVLine approached the co-creator and managing producer Steven Canals — who was partnering and leading the series final — for a post-final discussion in order to help us comprehend all of this. Who was the true “love story” of the show? What was Pray Tell about to die? And can the narrative continue to live in a spinoff? Please read on to learn.

About the quiz

The glossy drama of Pose in the 1980s and 1990s was all about the LGBTQ+ culture of a ballroom. The two shows FX and BBC had been stuffing on TV for the past several years, but unhappily, on Sunday, June 6th, when Pose had finished for good, it was time to say goodbye. Here’s everything you have to know about how it finished.

A clinical study of an AIDS-related medicine was discovered by Billy Porter (Pray Tell) and Blanca Rodriguez-Evangelista (MJ Rodriguez).

Blanca, Christopher (Jeremy Pope), and Judy (Sandra Bernhard) struggled hard especially for prayer, for every day he became weaker.

There were just two people of color who did not make the trial sound scientifically sound.

The two-hour final series quickly moved into a few years’ time in the coming years and again the time was spent by Pray and Ricky Evangelista (Dyllón Burnside).

Ricky stated that his condition worsened during a quiet period with the pair.

He showed Pray that he had an increasing chest injury, to which Pray said he had him.

Everybody knew little that Pray would covertly offer Ricky his own medics to save him from the trial.

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