Which Norse Goddess Are You?

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Take this Which Norse Goddess Are You quiz to find out which one you are. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Freyja is the most well-known Norse goddess. Her father was the sea deity Njrd, and her twin brother is Freyr, the god of rain, sun, and peace. When Freyja isn’t riding a boar with gold bristles, she’s flying in a chariot drawn by cats. She wore the Brsingamen, a golden necklace made by dwarves. The necklace appears in several well-known Norse stories and was once taken by Loki.

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The name Iunn means “the revitalizing one” in the Old Norse language. This name refers to her abilities: she carries a basket full of fruits that offer immortality. The Norse gods must consume them to maintain their youth and immortality. In nature, spring is a time of regeneration and rebirth. This brings us to the link between Idun and spring. Idun is the wife of Bragi, the poet’s god. Even today, this pairing makes sense; the springtime inspires many poets, artists, and musicians. Unfortunately, there aren’t many stories about Idun that have survived, thus her experiences are still a mystery for the time being.

Which Norse Goddess Are You?

Frigg’s Day – Friday is named after Frigg. Frigg is the wife of Odin, the Norse god who rules over all the gods. Frigg’s magic allowed her to control fate and make events happen; she is frequently represented with a spinning wheel and spindle, representing the weaving of time. Frigg and Freya’s names were somewhat interchangeable by the late Viking age, at least in written tales, and their characteristics were extremely similar. Also, you must try to play this Which Norse Goddess Are You quiz.

Skadi is a giantess who hunts on skis in the Alps. Her name is most likely derived from the word Scandinavia, which means “land of the Nordic countries.” Nobody knows for sure which arrived first. She hunts with a bow in the high mountains, which are permanently covered in ice and snow. She was previously married to Freyja’s father, Njord, the god of the sea, but the two couldn’t agree on a location. Skadi couldn’t stand the light, noise, and heat by the sea. She is unique among the giants for her kind disposition. She is favored in stories and was adored by the Norse people as a symbol of survival through cold winters.

Idun was the goddess of spring and youth, whose enchanted apple store could revive the gods when they were too old. Things went wrong when she was captured by a giant, who forced Loki to assist him in his plan to steal her. As a result, the gods began to age. They forced Loki to make atonement by embarking on a rescue mission to reclaim the fruits and the goddess herself.

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Loki converted himself into a falcon by donning Freya’s falcon cloak, allowing him to infiltrate the giant’s lair and capture Idun in his claws by turning her into a nut. The giant was eventually killed, and youth was returned to the gods.

Although the goddess Sif was primarily a bystander in Norse mythology, she was noteworthy for being the wife of the powerful Thor and being tangentially associated with the production of his renowned hammer.

Loki, according to folklore, planned to pull a prank on Sif by chopping off her distinctive golden hair. Thor, outraged, threatened to destroy Loki if he didn’t find a way to replace the lost mane, so the trickster sought for a group of expert dwarves who could make a replacement headpiece, as well as a magical shop and Odin’s spear, Gungnir.

Hel is Loki’s daughter, and her name means “hidden” in Old Norse. She keeps an eye on the dead that arrives in the underworld, known as Niflheim. Hel is portrayed in Old Norse folklore as being half flesh and half blue, with a harsh and melancholy demeanor. She appears in several texts of Norse myths dating back to the 13th century. Her name has so strong associations with death that it is now against the law in Iceland to name your kid Hel as of 2017.

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