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Take this Which Luxiem Member Are You quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Eveland, Ike

According to Luxiem, they are all individuals who have been drawn to this world from another time and place. Ike Eveland is a novelist — someone who discovered the wonder of storytelling at a young age and then discovered the joy of creating his own narrative worlds in order to touch the hearts of others. He has now discovered VTubing as a means of doing the same thing, as these things tend to go.

Ike has a pleasant soft-spoken, calming demeanor, which is entirely appropriate given his background. He speaks English, Swedish, and Japanese, and his character design was created by TCB, a character designer who also created the first-generation Holostars member Kanade Izuru, among other projects.

Ike enjoys stories in a variety of media, including games, with a focus on slice-of-life, romance, and horror. He also expresses a fondness for utsuge — for the uninitiated, this is a term used to describe visual novels with tragic plots, such as Kana Little Sister, and literally translates as “depression game.”

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Kaneshiro, Luca

Luca Kaneshiro’s concept is that he is a Mafia boss from the past (specifically, 1969), and he immediately won over everyone with his Shoji Meguro-style funky music on his loading screen, which was designed to look like an actual game. He then followed up with a “Deez Nuts” joke, which would have gotten anyone who wasn’t already on board with him.

Luca’s lore was introduced in the form of an animated manga that tells the story of how he rescued someone from being beaten up, was caught up in a misunderstanding, and was sucked into a time portal while being chased. These things happen; there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Luca has a gentle, slightly nasal voice, but there’s obviously plenty of energy behind it, despite his somewhat “tough guy” persona. In many ways, he has the air of an “anime gangster,” especially with his initial “Yo!” greeting. Also, you will find out which Luxiem member are you in this quiz.

Which Luxiem Member Are You Quiz

Yamino Shu

Shu Yamino is a sorcerer, despite the fact that he claims he barely knew ‘er. He inherited his parents’ sorcerer abilities and uses Jujutsu, a type of sorcery-related to curses that uses natural or mythical powers to augment and cast spells. Also, you must try to play this Luxiem member quiz.

His intro animation was a delightfully awkward depiction of how he ended up burning hotter than your mother, but God and Jesus, who was slightly distracted at the time, decided that he deserved to be sent to the future for some reason.

Shu immediately burst into song after the animation, demonstrating that he clearly has a set of pipes on him, even if the stream lag meant that he was slightly out of sync with his backing track. Following that, he introduced himself with vigor, a tinge of nerves, and a stunning PowerPoint presentation that showcased the best in WordArt and transition animations.

Akuma’s Vox

Vox Akuma was born in 1614, at the end of Japan’s Sengoku period. His ancestors were a mysterious man who lived at the tip of Honshu, whose seemingly magical voice would instill warmth and comfort in anyone — and which tended to engender feelings of intense loyalty. As a result, he earned the moniker Vox Akuma: the Voice Demon.

His dramatic intro video tells the story of how Vox created a paradise for those who had nowhere else to go — and how Ieyasu Tokugawa tried to crush it. Vox appeared to die in the battle, but many believed that his demonic blood would allow him to return someday. And, indeed, here we are — with a stunning VTuber created by character artist LAM.

About the quiz

Vox Akuma’s voice is incredible, as you might expect from that setup. Deep, rich, and full of warmth and passion, he also has a wonderfully dry sense of humor that is enormously entertaining — right from the moment he admits that he, too, occasionally mispronounces the “Akuma” part of his own name.

Rias, Mysta

Finally, we have Mysta Rias, Luxiem’s resident detective and, based on his social media activity, the group’s biggest mischief-maker. His lore is linked to Luca’s because he was the one who was chasing Luca when the two of them were sucked into a time portal.

Mysta decided he wanted a piece of the action after getting really drunk, crying, and swearing a lot, and then being exposed to VTubers — specifically Pomu Rainpuff telling Elira Pendora to “shut the fuck up” — and so here we are. He considers himself to be far less talented than everyone else in Luxiem, but he more than makes up for it with his boundless energy and enthusiasm.

Mysta is half British and half Filipino, but she speaks only English. His parents did not speak Tagalog, so he was never exposed to the language, and as a result, he considers himself to be more British than anything else, and attributes his first name to this fact.

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