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Take this which Joker character are you quiz to test which character are you. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

Arthur Fleck is a mentally ill loner, eager to become a renowned stand-up comedian worldwide. At his day job as a hired clown, the film begins with Arthur. With Arthur following them. They broke the sign over Arthur’s head when he caught it and beat him violently.

When Arthur arrives at the house where his company is based, Randall, his colleague, lends him a revolver to guard Arthur against the attackers in the future. Arthur says they can’t carry weapons, but Randall insists. Also, you will find out which Joker are you in this quiz.

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Arthur encounters a young mother called Sophie in his apartment. On their walk up to respective apartments, each speaks to one other in a lift and Arthur asks Sophie. Finally, she agrees and goes to one of his comedy concerts with him.

Which Joker character are you

Arthur went to a hospital for children to have children with him, but his pistol fell inadvertently. Arthur’s boss fired him when the incident was disclosed. Arthur is hounded by a white-collar bunch of businessmen from Wayne Enterprise on his way home. He quickly strikes back, shooting them dead when they attack Arthur. At first, he was sad, but this marked the start of his joker makeover.

Arthur continues his regular life and performs at a comedy concert seemingly unsettled by these deaths. Arthur goes home after a flop at the comedy club and receives a letter that his mother wants to deliver to Thomas Wayne, her old boss, and Gotham’s richest man. He shouts at his mother and travels to Wayne Manor swiftly, in the hope that Thomas Wayne himself can learn the truth. Thomas refuses to see him, and Arthur immediately attacks the butler of the home, Alfred. Thomas’s small son, Bruce, testifies to this (the boy who will become Batman).

That’s not to suggest if you buy in Joker, the joke will be on you. That’s not to mean. (It is true, except in the long run.) If you live to see Joaquin Phoenix performing like nobody, this film is really the apotheosis. As Arthur Fleck, a street clown who becomes ever more uncontaminated and desirous of stand-up comics gets down and out in what seems like Gotham in the 1980s (although who knows what period of detail looks like in imaginary cities), Phoenix blasts, dances, and laughs manually.

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Warner and I suppose DC Comics have produced much that was meant to be a “standalone” film, which does not have a narrative connection to other pictures of the DC Universe but has your cake and it is too eating when your lunar asylum is still called “Arkham,” and your cinematic DC Universe changes its Batmen every 20 minutes. Perhaps what they mean is that it’s the first and only DC movie to be classified as R. What Joker are you?

It obtains a rating very well. The violence in this film is shocking and that is what it does. In the early scenes of Fleck, isolation echoes Travis Bickle, but the film is too chicken-livered to convey racism to Fleck Bickle, despite it shows him in his first third largely being disturbed by people of color. Fleck also reverses the “King of Comedy” players’ positions with a Carson-like talk show host played by Robert of Niro. The black woman, played by Zazie Beetz, likewise likes him down the hall. But also to remind Diahnne Abbott in “Taxi Driver” and “Comedy.”

The apparently effective Fleck wooing of the character, a jaw-dropper. Is a boy who thought that Beetz was supposed to terminate her agent. Well, not precisely the term is forgivable, but it’s going to do.

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