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Take this Which It Character Are You quiz to find which character from It you are. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

It quiz is a 30-question character test that will determine what is your related character from the movie It based on the personal traits and habits you have. If you take our Which It Character Are You quiz, you can get one of the Richie Tozier, Beverly Marsh, Pennywise, Eddie Kaspbrak, or others. It is 100% accurate and you will get your perfect match.

All right, here’s the thing: “Stone King’s it’s quick and split story synopsis” and it doesn’t go together exactly. This book is heavy, and has more than 1,000 pages in length. There are several schedules, a handful of strange historical asides and sufficient fears to turn Alfred Hitchcock around.

Essentially: read the bad guy. It will not be done justice by a simple summary. We’re going to do our best, however.

Derry, Maine. – Derry, Maine. In 1957, the storm psychoclown dubbed Pennywise killed a little kid, named George. This is really scarred by his brother Bill.

Advance Flash to ’85. Something in Derry kills innocent people once again, which wears grease and a clown outfit. This inspires Mike, Steve, Richie, Ben, Eddie, Beverly, and Bill to phone his childhood mates. Yep: this is the same Bill that killed his baby bro decades ago.

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All adults react to this telephone call very intensely. Six of them are going back to Derry and uplifting their lives. (Stan decides to end his life: it is a very terrible prospect to come back to Derry.)

By combining recollection and flashback, what happened becomes evident. Also, in 1958 Derry’s adolescent population was murdered by the murderous clown Pennywise, a.k.a. It attempts to kill all seven of the Losers Club (Mike, Stan, Bill, etc.), by manifesting itself as the things they most fear.

Which It character are you

It is the autumn of 1957 and the whole week has poured, causing Derry, Maine streets to flood. Ten-year-old Bill Denbrough helps himself to produce a waterproof boat on paper so that his younger brother, George Denbrough, can enjoy the rain for the next six years. George must go to the cellar he dislikes in order to acquire paraffin wax for the boat. Also, you will find out which It character are you in this quiz.

George gets to the door of the cellar, opening, and standing at the top of the escalators, sure “It” is lurking down. It continues downstairs and discovers the wax can. George looks at the turtle’s image on the lid for a moment and wonders where he has seen this previously. He wakes up from his day’s dream and raises the materials when Bill calls for him. George looks admirably at the waterproof boat’s brother. In thankfulness, before leaving, George kisses him. Bill sees his younger brother for the last time.

George is chasing his boat as it is rushing down the street flooding. The boat is floating in the direction of a storm drain. He sees a pair of yellow eyes looking at him when George peeks into the drain. Then, like the mother of George, the eyes turn blue. The eyes are of a clown who presents himself to himself as “Mr. Bob Gray, also known as the dancing clown.”

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George is told by the clown that he and his circus were swept into the sewer. Also, George sits nigh and smells delightful fragrances blended with manure and the smell of the dead. The kiddies immediately. Furthermore, the neighbor, Dave Gardener, has taken the body of George out of his house and returns to the house of Denbrough. Which It character are you?

As Derry grew into age, Mike Hanlon read storytelling and interviews older city residents who recall weird happenings of the early 1900s. He becomes the town librarian. The written records tell of odd incidents from the creation of Derry when the first group in Derry Township disappeared in 1741. Furthermore, other terrible occurrences are the lumberjack killing a number of guys in a pub while the others overlook the atrocity, the heavy ironworks explosion killing more than 100 people, the Derry men who organize the massacre of the mafia on the main street, and the disastrous fire at a bar known as the Black Spot.

The elderly add that at the outskirts of most such gatherings, which are about 27 to 28 years apart, they saw Pennyways the Dancing Clown. For instance, Derry discovers that Derry always has a very large and secluded town with a disproportionately high crime rate and that killings and disappearances represent an extraordinarily large fraction of the crimes. In addition, these assassinations and disappearances seem every 27 or 28 years to be increasing. Based on this pattern, it follows activities and sleepiness cycles. Mike decides. Also, he knows that when the assassinations and disappearances rise again in 1985 It has woken up and he needs to call the other losers home.

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