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Take this which Hacks character are you quiz to test which character are you? Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

Hacks’ first season finishes with a complete emotional cliffhanger. While it seems that Deborah (Jean Smart) and Ava (Hannah Einbinder) mended, but also got closer than ever, in their relationships, a bomb is ready to go. As Ava moves aboard the private plane of Deborah and begins her journey to test and hone Deborah’s new performance, Jimmy makes a frenzying call (Paul W. Downs). It seemed like Deborah will soon hear this from Jimmy.

So what’s the end of that cliffhanger? What is going to be the interaction between Ava and Deborah in Hacks Season 2? And why did Hacks’ creators—Lucia Aniello, Paul W. Downs, and Jen Statsky — decide to finish the season like that rather than on the emotionally Catholic scenery that consoles Deborah and Ava?

Hacks co-creator Lucia Aniello told Decider this week with a grin. “It was extremely good for us to get HBO Max where she had to extend it.”

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“And we also had to witness a lot of the conflict over these two characters that we adore,” said Paul W. Downs, Hack’s fellow co-creator. “It was deliberate, therefore. As Deborah explains in episode 1 of QVC, it is quite deliberate.”

Which Hacks character are you?

There is a while when someone produces a polite social experiment like Dr. Philip Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison Experiment in Netflix’s film “The Great Hack.” These experiments aimed to explore human nature’s limits, empathy, and just old-fashioned common sense. They measured the deck before the subjects were freely accompanied by an authority they knew more than to follow. The results sometimes uncovered sleepless wickedness in a person, but more often they demonstrated a desire to be rewarded for following instructions and fear of ostrich when participants were interviewed. Also, you will find out which Hacks character are you in this quiz.

This revelation runs below the surface for the directors Karim Amer and Jehane Noujaim. Their narrator is David Carroll, a Media professor who acts as a jumping point in international law. “The Grand Hack” is combined with specifics about how the numerous advances in computer technology and data analysis now permit the huge and global spread of a new social experiment involving a certain image of the world. Here, social media is the new Petri dish, which attracts users to hot trends and ideas that demand fast consumption and acceptance so as not to leave the user in danger.

The Hacks Finale presented what we knew had been simmering all season long: a heated and unbridled battle between Deborah and Ava, which saw flung accusations with the face of someone slapping!

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In spite of Ave’s loyalty to some British writers to refuse to provide Deborah’s tea (oh hey, Chris Geere and Kirby Howell-Baptiste!), you know what the fan did too when Ava discovered that she was dumping the new stuff into the towel by her boss. So how did Deborah travel to the Palmetto for the final show, and the women were able to pull things together? Please read a complete recap.

Ava tells Marcus that the comedian has strangely been avoiding her in commemoration of Deborah’s new street. Deborah knows nothing about her recent interview, and Juustem is around the corner at the fireworks show.

When Marcus prepares to raise her complaints about her employment to Deborah, Ava gets a call from her mother: her father was stroking again and she has to go home. However, that means missing the great night of Deborah. It breaks Deb’s news, but the comedian stays chilly and far away. Ava leaves a present and discreetly leaves.

Jimmy running into Ava in the lobby of a hotel tells her Deborah doesn’t after all make her new set, leading Ava into the dressing room of the comic. She tells her that she does not make the new procedure, and Deborah admits that she knows the job interview. Before sending her out of the dressing room, Deborah shoots back calling the young writer pompous. The scuffle ends when Ava calls her a hack, Deborah knocks Ava over her face. (Oh, blowjob!) “Obviously, I am leaving,” says Ava before he leaves.

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