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Prince John isn’t precisely what a big threat would be called. No magic, no frightening physicality, no destructive weapons, no power supply, and in the movie he does not even cross swords with Robin Hood. But it would be an absolute lie to argue that he’s not memorable. Prince John is a spoilt, bright little child who grew to obtain power, making him one of Disney’s funniest characters.

The man is a rotten baby who physically throws a tantrum and chews on his thumb when it does not make way, his pretentious language and his raging attitudes are funny and the two fight like an old married couple, partnered with his serpentine servant, Sir Hiss. It would be a royal crime not to include him in this list against the monarchy.

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For the villains, the best ones are the ones who enjoy their jobs totally, thoroughly, and shamelessly. And Disney lovers can’t find a finer example than Professor Ratigan, the world’s greatest criminal mind. Imagine a villain so wickedly that, whenever his name is mentioned, his image smiles, and it takes a special degree of Disney magic.

Which Disney villain are you

It is true that Ratigan comes a great deal from his voice actor, horror legend Vincent Price, and a great amount of presence, and power. Some performances show that it is obvious that an actor makes a voice. Mandy Moore is a flagrant voice actor as Rapunzel or Rock as Maui, but Price is a Ratigan, and he likes all his minutes. Also, you will find out which Disney villain are you in this quiz.

Malicious people have an apparently endless arsenal of power and only Princess Aurora has really to blame because she is not invited to a baptism. (The dull Christians, thus she ought to have been grateful for not having to sit in a Royal Baby Bath, but unfortunately.) Excluded is a significant push to the wickedness of Maleficent. It is only useful to hit an overprivileged newborn when you are disadvantaged by having big cheekbones / being green.

The Queen of Hearts is astonishingly powerful to a little, overweight person. She rules over the King of Hearts, apparently reflecting in the chess game the authority of the Queen and the King. The Queen of the Hearts is almost like a bizarre version of the main Heather in “Heathers” when she starts losing a flamingo croquet game when she lets herself rise to the power in an enchanted kingdom. The Queen of Hearts screams about randos.

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“The Notre Dame hunchback” was quite dark for a Disney film, something like what your Mom might not want you to see in theaters … The Minister of Justice did not think of locking a newborn in a barn, nor was he fooling “all of Paris” to discover the gypsy on which he had crushed.

When I grew up in Turkey, I had an obsession with Walt Disney films, although I could not see them: We didn’t have any VCRs — hell, we just had a TV station — nor theatrical releases on our shores. So instead of watching the films, I would listen to LPs and tapes that contained pictures from the movies. But there was one cover among those LPs that I couldn’t bear to look at. It had Sleeping Beauty Malay, apparently at the middle of the flight; its gigantic coat was flaming; it was too frightening to have my six-year-old eyes.

I’m lying, actually. Over and over, I’ve looked on the LP cover. I would turn it over then, however, and try to keep it from me. I probably was afraid about Maleficent being able to jump off the cover at one point and… well, do what I don’t know because I’ve never seen the film yet. She had a magnetism, even limited to the still image.

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