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Talk in the heat of the moment about acting! Wednesday’s Chicago Fire had a big (and fiery) time for “Stelaride” and a couple of other prospects who had been tipping each other for too long.

But let’s start with Severide, who starts the show with second thoughts on the subject of Stella’s marriage. As Severide told Casey, Stella remarked in their relationship early on that she didn’t want to get married again since she didn’t want to go there. Severide is now wondering if he will take the next step or not.

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Severide and Stella are caught up in a burning building during a rescue call. You’re not now getting that?” Suddenly Severide pauses, takes his mask off, and goes down in a burning inferno on one knee.

Which Chicago Fire character are you

“You never want to leave me, I do not ever want. You’ll marry me, Stella Kidd?” he asks. Your reply? “Good morning yes! I’m going to.” They’re making the burning alive, of course, and ahem, rejoicing in bed later, Severide pledges a ring to make it official shortly. Also, you will find out which Chicago Fire character are you in this quiz.

Casey is called by Gabby, who reaches out to the medal ceremony for Mouch on a new front of the relationship. In fact, their unheard-of talk helped Casey explain his sentiments for his former wife. While he is always interested in her, “I am not in her love. In a long time, I wasn’t,” Casey says to Brett. “My past is Gabby, and now you are my past.”

Derek Haas promised us a cliffhanger, and in Season 9, there is surely an aspiration for the underwater rescue team. Firefighters from Chicago Severide Cruz, Capp, and Tony try, by obstructing their escape route, to swim a victim to safety when a boat crashes over them. Moreover, they are all out, and as the episode fades into black, the waters are above their heads. On the shore, while Stella, Casey, and Brett anxiously stare out at the lake and for more than 22 minutes, the quartet was underwater.

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Let’s now go back to the beginning of the season: Casey cannot stop staring at the watch of his uncle, which he now sees as a message to get out and live from his uncle Jake. He lay everything out with Brett, Casey informs Severide, but she says nothing. In the meantime, the paramedic avoids him in some way and spreads his love confession. Casey perceives the silence of Brett as an insinuation that he made things between them much more embarrassing, and he is therefore fully behind.

Fortunately, Brett comes to her senses afterward and finds Casey in the middle of the night outside the firehouse. “We belong together. We belong together. She says and agrees. “We’re right for each other.” “You know when you know that. Brett’s finishing off as Casey goes to her and kisses her. I’m in love with you. Both celebrate their new union in a languid, vaporous, speechless love scene.

Apart from that, Boden was asked whether he would like to be regarded as a deputy head of the district. He is not in the bureaucracy of the work, but Mouch and Herrmann say to Boden that in these administrative posts they need people like him. After Stella thanks Boden for championing her, and the neighbor is telling us that it’s wonderful to have someone his son looking up to, Boden seems to decide and phones Hill, but we’re not listening to his response.

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All Casey can do is wait after telling Brett what he felt, and he hopes that he wouldn’t live as lonely as his uncle after his wife had passed away. He goes on to hunt for her when he reaches the fire, stares at her during a call, asks whether Ambulance 61 is yet back, looking at her house empty site…

Not much better is Brett doing. Casey keeps her up throughout a call and stands by collecting supplies for the ambulance in the hospital for 30 minutes. For so long she’s been revolving around Violet, she doesn’t know how to stop. Her paramedic fellow gives some wisdom words: Her mother uses the word “good” to describe individuals as the most complimentary compliment, and Brett and Casey are exactly this. What Chicago Fire character are you?

Fortunately, after he walked out of his office in the middle of the afternoon to stand outside the firehouse, Brett puts a restless Casey away from his suffering. She declares that “We belong together” at the beginning of an A+ (as opposed to his not-A declaration). He agrees, “We do.” She says, “We are right for one another. He agrees, “We are.” (Yes, a pattern exists.) “You know,” she says when you know. (One guessed about what she learned during a call with a couple in a doll-filled house. The two hands were just somewhat less tedious.) “I love you,” she finally says and kisses her. “He is in love with you.”

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