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Certainly, “Flat” characters have their place. No key character support must not be difficult in order to be effective, as its position in the story is more limited. A fictional work may be somewhat heavy down if it attempts to round up each character. For example, Les Misérables makes the book too long.

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But generally speaking, it’s good to have round people with a lot of richness to their identity, at least the leading actors and antagonists. Also, you will find out which Anime Stereotype are you in this quiz.

Which Anime Stereotype are you?

A terrible, flat character might be often a stereotype or a cliché. Many repeating character clichés exist in anime. Sometimes they can develop interesting, dynamic and complicated personalities effectively. Other times, they’re just the way they write, generating uninteresting, unlikely characters that look like a stack of cliches instead of an individual we can understand and learn organically.


In anime, it seems like individuals always apologize whether to bump into someone, pour their drink, or simply to exist. Although it is true that the Japanese are seen as courteous and ordinary, this does not mean that they are always. Try to catch the train in the hour of push and you will find lots of unpleasant folks.

Sentences that Sound Not Right

Anime Japanese can be entertaining to learn, especially if you’re an audio/visual student. But you’re in for an embarrassing experience if you try to communicate like people do in anime.

Hair Defying Seriousness

Crazy hair may be one of the most frequent anime tropes. Even the best trained and most determined hair stylists fight to achieve anime hair that defies gravity (although there are places that are willing to accept the challenge). However, it definitely does not deserve the effort, given all of Japan’s tiny areas and busy trains.

Absolute will of the Student Council

Make way to the omnipotent council of students. The student council members anime the scenes, have an endless range of resources, tremendous ties and even the ability to transform the world.

Although real-life student councils have the capacity to approve and finance student clubs or organisations, their impact does not go far beyond that. And no, you’re not free to skip classes or confer pop idol status as a member of the student council.

All-year Mini Skirts

You’re in some way disappointed if you’d secretly anticipate many tiny skirt-clad girls in Japan. Most schools in Japan mandate knee-length skirts or below and regular admission checks.

Many women actually prefer loose fitting and shapeless attire, whether they are in school or not, which does not emphasize their personality. You can try your luck in Harajuku or attend a cosplay conference if you want to see more scandalous attire.

Uniforms of custom schools

Teenagers in anime may apparently wear their uniform, but they will. If your uniform is customised, it may be cool and gain the status of a bad guy; it is frunted in real life. Like tiny skirts, schools are vigilant in policing the look of students. It’s no wonder that after graduation so many people significantly modify their appearance.

Tokyo vs. All over.

Many recent animations tend to occur in urban environments, contributing to the perception that Japan is an exciting technology future society.

Of course, Tokyo is not the totality of Japan. The more inaka (rural areas) you reach, the slower the population. Only one bus can be a day and a 30-minute walk can be a nearest convenience shop. Also don’t believe that every comfort shop is open 24 hours a day.

What kind of misunderstandings did you get from anime about Japan? Let us know what we left out of anime stereotypes! And if you are inspired to take an otaku tour, check out the activities on the subject.

Anime occasionally suffers from stereotypes that repeatedly touch the same pitch. The psychological richness of these personalities makes characteristics engaging and human. They are known as flat characters in literature. They’re viewed as “twin-dimensional” because they don’t look much like a person’s sculpting, much like a painted picture. Like a sculpture, the audience is told in many ways of a “round” persona. The Batman joker is a round character, for instance, because it’s complicated and time changing and may be construed in many different ways. It is like a spherical sculpture which may be observed from many angles in various ways.

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