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Take this Which All Of Us Are Dead Character Are You quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Zombies are filmmakers’ first love when it comes to exploring the apocalypse horror genre, and there’s little that can go wrong with a zombie film. A combination of brain-eating hungry zombies, terrified men fleeing for their lives, and a lot of biting and maiming creates the ideal recipe for a visually terrifying and puke-inducing zombie thriller. The zombie genre has recently brought some largely mediocre material, despite being a lot of fun. One reason for the mediocrity is a lack of innovation in the genre as a result of Hollywood’s suffocation of it.

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Nonetheless, Netflix’s latest South Korean offering contains a little more than just the usual neck-biting and blood-gushing zombie violence. All of Us Are Dead, a South Korean zombie apocalypse horror streaming television series, is getting a lot of attention for all the right reasons. All of Us Are Dead is a beautiful and difficult-to-watch exploration of the vulgarity hidden in the human character when the eventuality is a choice between life and death, with the raw violence and action that Korean movies and series are known for (much like Squid Games). Also, you will find out which All Of Us Are Dead character are you in this quiz.

Which All Of Us Are Dead Character Are You Quiz

After the girl gets bitten, she is then kept in captivity in the school science lab by the science teacher who’s the mastermind behind the creation of this new zombie virus. When she is discovered by the people at the school, the girl, who is on the verge of becoming a zombie, decides to bite one of the people assisting her while being taken to the hospital. And so the cycle of biting continues until there are enough people to form a zombie self-help group. You get the picture. As the entire school and city begin to turn into a zombie-infested wasteland, we are left with a group of schoolchildren who must now survive this zombie outbreak. The focus shifts between multiple locations and characters across the city as they must now run ahead of some gut-hungry zombies to save their lives, with the school serving as the main focal point. (If you feel the description is too graphic, wait till you watch the series.)

The school setting as the main playground for all the zombie-driven high adrenaline action to take place with some fun, characteristically unique, and a highly endearing bunch of school kids driving the course of action provides a colorful canvas to create an emotional and heart-breaking apocalypse horror drama. The school children, with their ingenuity and genuinely delightful innocence, add a variety of colors to the otherwise red landscape of a gory and violent zombie drama. Also, you must try to play this All Of Us Are Dead quiz.

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The schoolchildren in All of Us Are Dead are the ideal foil for a truly vulnerable protagonist at the center of a massacre. The talented and young cast adds more conviction to the ensuing struggle. Each character is unique and adds to the story’s depth. The conflict that arises from a group of young kids who may not agree on everything adds to the other conflicts that arise during a zombie outbreak.

When it comes to conflicts, there are plenty of them in this 12-episode drama. The most obvious is the conflict between humans and zombies. The series’ standing in the zombie hall of fame, however, is enhanced by the variety of conflicts it presents. Another distinction is made between the instinct to survive at any cost and the instinct to kill. Several times, the true cost of survival is written in red letters. The instinct to survive takes over frequently and violently, often at the expense of another person’s life. Human empathy is completely subjugated in what follows. More binaries are presented throughout the tense drama that surrounds the story.

When faced with the choice of going out to find a friend who may be dead or staying inside to protect their own lives, the kids are torn between hope and logic. The hope of a friend’s survival trumps the logic of self-protection most of the time. Another significant conflict arises from the options presented when witnessing a loved one’s transformation into an unknown and deadly creature. To let go or to hold on is a decision that the characters are forced to make several times. The drama and trauma associated with it are endless, but so is the crisis. In its most honest and heartfelt moments, All of Us Are Dead places the human character at the center of dire situations, putting the characters’ innate humanity to the test. A test that, when done well, raises important questions about human helplessness.

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