What Wings Of Fire Pantala Tribe Are You?


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MudWings. You had a feeling it was going to happen. MudWings are without a doubt the LEAST OP tribe in the entire series! I enjoy MudWings, however, their abilities should be altered. They have NO ORIGINAL POWERS! Their fire can’t even be used half the time, diving underwater for an hour is okay but a rip-off of SeaWings, and I think ‘disguising in mud puddles’ is novel, but it’s not exciting. Clay’s fireproof scales are cool, as is their strength, but they just do not have enough powers. Give them super-strength or something! Alternatively, they’re all fireproof! Or, as suggested by Biohazardia (in a YouTube video), they should be associated with stones, earth, and other natural elements, which I agree with. Could they be called EarthWings?

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SkyWings. SkyWings are now more fascinating and developed than MudWings, yet they still lack enormous power. I mean, having stamina, large wings, and quick flying is useful, and fire is effective; it’s just that they need more powers. Nothing they possess is extremely lethal, such as a SandWing tail barb or a RainWing’s venom-spitting fangs. I suppose firescales, but they only have ONE firesales dragon, Peril, and that’s all. Also, you must try to play this What Wings Of Fire Pantala Tribe Are You quiz.

What Wings Of Fire Pantala Tribe Are You?

NightWings! Sorry to any NightWing lovers (including myself), but there will be more OP tribes in the future! This is simply because there are very few powerful NightWings in modern-day Pyrrhia, therefore Darkstalker and Clearsight are scarce in terms of powers. Also, because of the moon, there are a lot more NightWings without powers than there are with powers. When powers like Clearsight’s or Darkstalker’s appear, NightWings become extremely powerful.

IceWings. Now, I’m putting IceWings here because, while their powers are incredibly lethal, there are deadlier powers to come, and their frost breath needs to recharge. Also, how often do they use their spikes against other dragons? They are, nevertheless, extremely near to the next tribes on the list…

SandWings. We’re growing deadlier here. The toxic tail barb propels them to third position, but only because it can be healed. If it couldn’t, I’d put them in second or even first place. Furthermore, fire, as well as the fact that their habitat, like IceWings, is difficult to infiltrate if an enemy tribe can’t handle heat. Disguising in sand is okay, but it’s a little predictable, and it’s also not very useful in many situations.

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RainWings. Why are they not first? I can hear you sobbing. The reason for this is that, unlike the tribe in the first place, they do not have a plethora of abilities. In my mind, they’re linked because RainWings are lethal, but the next tribe is almost unstoppable, if you think about it. The concealment was incredible, and I adore venom. Yes, it is curable, but not by other tribes.

SeaWings takes first place! Why SeaWings, you may wonder? They are, after all, resistant to fire. They may be unaffected by fire if they only battle underwater. They can also see in the dark, speak in an entirely different language, which makes deciphering codes much easier, and signal. Their tails are not to be trifled with, and they have the most animus dragons (apart from the mentions of IceWing animi, which are completely meaningless). They can also live their entire lives underwater or on land. Webs might have just stayed in the underground stream until the SkyWing guards left in book 1. They’re almost unbeatable. But I’d absolutely pair them with RainWings.

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what wings of fire pantala tribe are you
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