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The titular alien invader has repeatedly failed to take Earth for the Irken Empire. But the arrival of the Florpus brings Zim closer to his aim than ever before. He is not only capable of duping humanity into supporting his objectives, but he is also capable of teleporting the Earth itself directly to the rest of his race’s fleet. However, the Membrane family’s last-minute solidarity finds a means to mobilize and preserve humanity. Zim’s robotic armies are vanquished, and Earth is transferred back to its normal position in the universe.

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However, the film does not conclude with Zim being apprehended or even paying for his misdeeds. Instead, Zim is still at large, bothering Dib. This implies that Zim’s self-imposed waiting period has come to an end. Even if this strategy fails, Zim is too stubborn to give up on conquering the globe. It appears that Zim has returned to target the planet, and Dib will once again be the first line of defense against Zim and his machinations. Given that this was the basis of the original series, it’s not difficult to envision this setup allowing for a full-fledged Invader Zim comeback. Also, you must try to play this What Invader Zim Character Are You quiz.

What Invader Zim Character Are You?

Membrane Families

The Membrane Family brings the film to a close. Dib and Gaz have settled into a routine while working together, however, Gaz’s hatred for her brother remains. Professor Membrane has shown Dib that he cares about him, even if he has convinced himself that all of the alien exchanges he has just witnessed were hallucinations. Clembrane, Zim’s unsuccessful clone created of Membrane, has even been adopted as a part of the family (though reluctantly).

Despite this, the Membranes managed to escape from a high-security space jail by shattering a wall and shooting off into space. That’s the kind of thing that would turn someone into a cosmic fugitive. There’s a potential that the officials in charge of the prison will decide to make an example of the Membrane family and send them back to jail. This could be the event that convinces Membrane once and for all that extraterrestrial life exists… or he could just keep thinking they’re hallucinations while blasting them with his laser cannon robot arms.

The All-Powerful Tallest

The Almighty Tallest, the lords of the Irken Empire, have long despised Zim. Zim’s shenanigans have caused unprecedented devastation throughout the galaxy. This is what landed Zim on such a backwater world as Earth in the first place. They’d even grown fond of the idea that Zim was no longer alive. However, when they discovered his survival, they both became enraged. It only got worse when Zim moved Earth directly into the path of the fleet. This resulted in the Tallest priming every weapon they possessed and aiming at Earth: they are willing to destroy the earth if it means Zim dies as well.

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Fortunately, Membrane discovers how to transfer Earth away, just in time to avoid both the Florpus and the Almighty Tallest’s vengeance. Unfortunately for the Irkens, this led them right into the reality-bending Florpus. The last thing we see of them is them screaming in panic and being altered by the Florpus, as Zim tries to name them. The Florpus’ powers were powerful enough to tear a planet apart, therefore it’s possible that the Irken armada might perish if exposed to the Florpus for an extended period of time. If they manage to flee, they may decide to exact revenge on Zim (and the Earth). But if they don’t, it could create a power vacuum for other Irkens (such as Zim’s opponent Tak) to exploit.

Tak’s Spacecraft

Tak’s spaceship was taken from Tak, the other Irken invader that attempted to capture Earth in the original series, and has quietly played key parts in earlier Invader Zim episodes. However, the ship’s reappearance in Enter the Florpus is critical to the Membrane family’s victory over Zim. The ship allows Dib and Gaz to save their father from space jail, as well as return to Earth to try to stop Zim.

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