Vegetable Quiz: Name All The Vegetables

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Do you have what it takes to beat this Vegetable quiz? Try to answer all the questions and beat 80% of the people around the world.

All the food fans are named! This one is for… well, maybe for almost all. This is a fruit and vegetable questionnaire. These are some of the most popular products in any supermarket, restaurant or kitchen! But how good, how good? Can you describe only from a photo and a few easy hints these three hundred five fruits and vegetables?

While they are popular, fruit and vegetables are not that simple as at first. Many different foods that are considered plants are simply berries, as can be learnt from reading the explanations in these questions. Even, when it comes to cooking, some vegetables are handled much like fruits! Fortunately, it is not required, but it’s still shockingly difficult to name the foods from a simple photograph, to see which of the fruits and which are vegetables!

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We do not believe that anyone will classify all these fruits and vegetables correctly. But take this test now to prove us wrong by thinking differently! Share it with your mates and find out who knows best about the food you eat!

Vegetable quiz

A certain squash is a plant in this image. But, that’s one of the tricky! In 1800, some hundred years after the squash family’s arrival to Europe from North America, this particular variety of squash originated in Italy. The name of this common culinary staple is a good hint in this history! But, can the food in this picture be identified? If so, choose the answer from the following choices! But you shouldn’t waste any more time and start this quiz.

This is one of the interesting vegetables that in other parts of the world have a very different name. But this veggie is popular in Europe for something very different. In reality, I think there is no link between the two terms, and it really makes me wonder why it happened. I’ll just ask for America’s common name, though, don’t worry. Also, we will test your knowledge in this quiz.

About the vegetables

This is a very popular fruit during the summer. This is certainly the most important thing about this fruit. It’s some kind of discomfort. Seeds of all kinds exist. The taste is by no degree of creativity just super strong. However, despite all, this fruit makes it great for a party at the beach or pool. Or for a good drink or a couple of. But do you still continue to grow on it at home? The pain is enormous.

This is what might be called a root veggie. What does it mean? What does it mean? Ok, it means you don’t see it grow over the floor. It is springing and springing down. It will begin to pull its top off the ground a little when it is time, but otherwise, it will grow all the way underneath the ground. It’s a delicious treat. Nobody likes its root veggies, but this is hardly the point. Evidently, anyone who doesn’t like this veggie knows what it is then. I find some tasty crisps that this can be turned. You must try to play this vegetable quiz.

A veggie? A veggie? Is it a fruit? Is it a fruit? For decades and decades, this has somehow surprised people. It’s a fruit, as it happens. End of the tale, very well. It is juicy and not what other people expect from what they think is fruit. This is not just a tart taste. There are so many possibilities to enjoy this!

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vegetable quiz
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