Thor Quiz: Are Your Worthy To Lift The Mjolnir


We decided to test the fans how well they know this character, so take this Thor quiz and check if you can get all the correct answers.

It feels like yesterday, but the first time that we saw God of Thunder on the big screen was in 2011. Now, that’s only 8 years ago! What do we mean, when you have fun looking at the silver screen superheroes, is time flying, right?

In fairness, the comic book Thor was long known as a C-lister by many for many decades, and there was intense concern about how casual movies would bring the son of Odin to life. Fortunately, it was not appropriate to think about something, and the 2011 image won over a large number of fans and critics alike. The film was another early triumph for the ever-growing Marvel Cinematic Universe. By taking the age-old sensibilities of Thor and giving them an insight into more modern times. Also, this is probably one of the most engaging quizzes you will play today.

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Since then, Odinson has become stronger and has made new allies and enemies. What lies ahead of Thor should be utterly fascinating, but what we do is look back at what this character was. But you shouldn’t waste any more time and start this quiz.

So, how much do you know about Thor’s movies? We think it’s time to learn …

Thor quiz

Thor: Ragnarok has just come out and looks like one of the most promising films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Who’d have been thinking? Thor: the dark world has universally been seen as boring and on the bottom of the quality scale. The first film was good but forgettable. Unfortunately, Thor’s success remains with the two Avengers movies; By hiring a director known for his color schemes to take a chance on the third entry in his series. Up to now, this gamble seems to have paid off in spades!

A lively array of characters and the almost electrical chemistry that has made Ragnarok so amazing. Will Valkyrie be one of the best characters of Marvel?

What are you? Which is it? Take this quiz to see Which character are you: the Ragnarok character?

Thor has been featured in many films in Marvel Universe, including the Avengers and his three independent films. He was vain and somewhat infantile when Thor first was introduced to the world of Marvel. He considered himself massive and strong and was willing to battle his father in his day with the same villains. That eventually cost Mjolnir the right to his hammer before he proved worthy of himself. Also, we will test your knowledge in this quiz.

Can you score 100%?

After having spent time on earth, Thor began to become a real hero with a woman called Jane, with whom he was in love. For his mates, he sacrificed his own life and protection and was re-assembled once more with his sword.

Thor fought courageously and with pride from there and even became an Avenger team member. Thor was not always present when the Avengers were together, but generally for good reasons, as in The Avengers: Civil War. This quiz will help you remember certain details.

Years ago, the Asgardians and the Frost Giants were engaged in war and battle. Odin and the Frost Giant king had previously battled against the nine realms in their effort to conquer the Frost Giant. Since then, between the two they have had “peace”. Until some Frost Giants decided to snatch what Odin had taken from them. Take this Thor quiz to have fun.

It was a complete mistake that Jane crashed into Thor. She and some of her colleagues researched some unusual atmospheric events that eventually turned out to have Thor forced out of the Bifrost to earth. She didn’t know where he was from or that he was a God at the beginning.

A distraught Thor finishes on earth and doesn’t know where his hammer is. Back in Asgard, Loki can escape problems and even scale the throne in the absence of Thor.

Well, all of us know that Thor has a brother-well, a half brother-and that he even calls himself in the name of this very question. Of course, the brother is Mischief’s God, Loki. Now that we saw many of Thor’s family members added so far to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, only Thor: Ragnarok had her MCU debut given Thor ‘s sister. You must try to play this quiz.

What should we expect from this Thor quiz

Odin was certain after Thor’s arrogance towards the Frost Giants that Thor did not deserve to have the strength that Mjolnir helped him possess. He wanted to place an enchantment on the hammer so Thor could carry it again when he was ready and an honorable man. It took him a while to realize what he was going to do, but he eventually turned up. Are you ready for this Thor quiz?

The Bifrost Bridge has massive strength – anywhere you go within the nine realms. He allowed Thor, as he wanted to see Jane, to shift back and forth from Asgard to the earth.

When Loki came to Earth he began to devastate civilians and took Hawkeye as his own personal servant and killing machine immediately. Luckily, the Avengers team (as it hadn’t really formed yet) succeeded in capturing Loki, even though it surrendered more or less. On the plane, it was shocking that an Asgardian would come on board, who released his brother immediately. But, if you are a fan it should be easy to answer the quiz questions.

For we love to put together a few quick teasers early in our questions, let’s deal with it, get your confidence up and pull the rug out of you later with some trickier Qs. After all, we’re fine. So yeah, easy to begin with nice ‘n’ And what is this easier? What is the actor’s name in the MCU, as in, Thor?

Even superheroes have towns, cities, countries, or planets in their home countries. Simply put, everybody must come from somewhere, even though from those early formative years it’s been quite a journey. He’s one of the few MCU heroes for Thunder God who isn’t from New York, really. Thor’s not really from Earth, really.

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