The 100 Girlfriend Quiz – Which The 100 Female Is Your Girlfriend?


Take this The 100 Girlfriend Quiz to find out which ‘The 100’ female is your girlfriend. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Both Claws and Good Girls suggest that in order to save their homes, families, and themselves, women must sometimes step up and break a few laws. Jessica Jones suggests that survival is something that is created in the imagination and carried through with physical strength.

Meanwhile, The Handmaid’s Tale posits the grim notion that existence can be little more than passive endurance of misery – that existing is just as crucial as living, no matter the sacrifices.

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The 100 gives its own terrifying hypothesis on what actual survival looks like for women over the course of five seasons, and it perhaps does so better than many other shows on television. The 100 can be oppressively nihilistic, yet the female characters are full of fight and perseverance, even when faced with absolute disaster. It helps that The 100 has some of the most complex female characters seen on television – especially for a sci-fi program with an apocalyptic plot.

The 100 Girlfriend Quiz

The 100 features a diverse cast of female characters, including Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos), Clarke (Eliza Taylor), Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey), and Raven (Lindsey Morgan), with main characters such as Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos), Clarke (Eliza Taylor), Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey), and Raven (Lindsey Morgan). But that is precisely the goal. Also, you must try to play this The 100 Girlfriend Quiz.

“There are no good guys,” as the phrase goes in The 100, and this is reflected in the creation of the female characters. They are frequently morally ambiguous and allow the same latitude as their male counterparts to screw up, be unmerciful, or murder people when better options exist.

The characters aren’t built solely on their gender, and they’re thankfully not built using the same old tedious tropes that many other sci-fi shows do. Instead, the women of The 100 are “grounded in a realism not typically accorded to women in sci-fi,” according to SyFy.

Blake, Octavia

Octavia is one of The 100’s most divisive characters. Although her deeds were frequently gruesome, and her period as Blodreina painted her as a villain, she eventually returns to her genuine nature. Octavia was ruthless, but she was also cunning during her reign.

Everything she did was to protect her people’s survival. She forced them to engage in cannibalism, regardless of the cost to her own humanity. Octavia’s redemption is one of the few stories that fans liked throughout the show’s final seasons.

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Griffin, Clarke

Clarke isn’t the most likable person in the eyes of her friends, but she’s the most multifaceted character in the series. She never considers herself when making decisions, and every step she does is for the happiness of others.

Clarke took up the weight of leadership at the age of 17 and suffers the shame that comes with her people’s survival. Her decisions aren’t always the most popular among the characters, but she’s the one that keeps them all alive.

Reyes, Raven

Raven had it the worst out of everyone. She always got back up no matter how many times life knocked her down. She could scarcely walk when Murphy shot her in the leg, yet she remained a strong, clever figure who always came through for the good guys.

Raven did the impossible a lot of the time. She would find a way to save them all when all hope was lost. If Raven hadn’t come down when she did, the original hundred wouldn’t have lived long.

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