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Do you have what it takes to beat this Supernatural quiz? Try to answer all the questions and beat 80% of the people around the world.

Supernatural is a 14-season paranormal television opera. Anyone who does not watch the show in so many years will wonder how it does not get boring or repetitive, but any true Supernatural fan will know that it is super imaginative, always discovering new creatures to make the story interesting and exciting for viewers and new ways of keeping it fresh.

Two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester followed the main story. They two come from a very special job family: they are hunters of the devil. The two are meeting at the beginning of the series to try to locate their dad who has been on a hunting voyage recently and seems to have had issues along the road. Fans of the show love these two brothers absolutely, and many fans have a favorite among them.

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It can be difficult to follow all the specifics of the series with 14 seasons, right? Not for a Supernatural extreme fan! They always replay and re-watch their favorite episodes and remember all about the show absolutely.

The show features two fantastic demon hunters, Sam and Dean. Although these two brothers are the main characters of the series, they have a large number of other friends and people who accompany them on excursions. Only a true supernatural fan will recall if other hunters are!

Supernatural quiz

Taking the Hades throne fills some large shoes, but Asmodeus does not have a problem. Asmodeus is one of Lucifer’s four princes, and he did not fill up until his big boss figured out Lucifer was not completely powerful. So he sought to imprison the devil himself and took the ruler of Hades forever. Known as one of the oldest demons in life for his hyper optimism – is Asmodeus still alive, or did he knock the bucket?

“The demon’s yellow eye” Azazel is the demon who started the plot of the supernatural when he eliminated Mary Winchester, Sam Winchester’s Mother, and Dean. Azazel is a Hades prince and Lucifer’s servant, who seeks to locate “other girls” and children with special powers. He deals with the mothers of these human children who encourage him to get into their homes and feed their children with his own blood, thus filling the children with special powers. Azazel’s alive or kicked the bucket? But you shouldn’t waste any more time and start this Supernatural quiz.

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Dagon is unique because she is Hades’ only woman prince. Together with his daughters, she served as general in Hades’ armies until it was time for Lucifer to be detained. Kelly, a human woman who is pregnant by a special kid—a Nephilim—is kidnapped by Dagon. Sam and Dean once manage to rescue the woman, but Dagon takes her to the shelter they share and the struggle continues for the deadly woman and her boy. Is Dagon moving on with her brothers or is she kicking the bucket?

Ramiel is an amazingly cynical Hades prince. Lucifer’s second prince, Ramiel tells the Winchesters, and everyone else, that it doesn’t care much about what is happening in Hades or Lucifer or any of it. Ramiel is still dry and funny in an epic confrontation—no matter how many. Ramiel has distinctly yellow eyes like the other princes of Hades. Is this bucket alive or kicked the bucket?

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