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Take this Ilvermorny House Quiz and get sorted into your house. We guarantee that this quiz is better than the sorting hat.

After the final Harry Potter novels, J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world is expanding. The vast magical universe which has in the past (and parts of Europe in the main covered Britain) has also spread to America. The wizards and witches of the US and their customs have to be seen in the new films Fantastic Beasts. A wide continent, as planned, must have its own magic school. And for the American School of Witchcraft and Wizardry we are offering an Ilvermorny quiz.
Are you ready to be classified again? So what do you expect?

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Yeah, let’s start right from the start. You would have several questions about this new universe addition, even if you are a devoted fan.

In the new films, we hear about the American school of magical abilities. Like any student from Hogwarts, Queenie and Tina are very pride of their alma mater. J.K.Rowling shows the houses as the sister on Twitter to satisfy the interest of the excited fans. But later on more.

Ilvermorny house quiz

Now, let’s take a look at Ilvermorny’s past to refresh our information before going through this Ilvermorny sorting exercise.

Ilvermorny was first born in the early 1600s as a magical home school and was called the house of his cofounder, Isolt Sayre, who spent her early childhood in Kerry County.

While her pure blood, Aunt Gormlaith, who kidnapped Isolt after the assassination of her mother and father in favor of Muggle, was not happy, her early years were at least idyllic. He decided to remember them in a variety of ways during his trip to America. The first name was Ilvermorny, which after her father’s name was another named Pukwudgie’s fellow, and the Gordian Node, Ilvermorny’s sign, was the third. In Ilvermornys Sorting Ceremony and the clasp that attached students’ robes, Isolt weaves the knot, which is based on an old brooch from her mother.

Ilvermorny began his transition from home to school, as Isolt began to teach his adopted sons Webster and Chadwick Boot, influenced by Hogwarts. James Steward and her husband have made wands for their accusations. Your family lessons were constantly expanding as the little house gravitated magical children.

Ilvermorny sorting hat

The building gradually grew with the prestige of the school. Over time, it became a castle of sleeping accommodation, teachers and other people concealed by swirling fogs and many enchant on the top of Mount Greylock. North America had a reaction to Hogwarts within a few decades.

The student would be taken after the sorting in a big hall, in which they were again chosen by a wall. Prior to ending the rule of Rappaport, kids did not have a wand before school and had to quit their wand during school holidays and could only take off school by the age of seventeen. But you shouldn’t waste any more time and start this quiz.

  • Horned Serpent – They often consider the mind of a witch or wizard, they also benefit scholars.
  • Wampus – They regard the body of a witch or wizard also they prefer warriors.
  • Thunderbird- They often consider the soul of a witch or wizard also they favor explorers
  • Pukwudgie – They often consider the heart of a witch or wizard, they also favor healers.

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ilvermorny house quiz
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