Spanking Quiz – What Spanking Do You Deserve?

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Take this Spanking Quiz to find out what spanking do you deserve. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Do you have a fetish for spanking?

Spanking is one of those kinks that is practiced in moderation by many couples who are into BDSM, and even by those considered “vanilla.”

Spanking, of course, can go much further than a playful tap on the bottom. If you want to go deeper (and harder) into your spanking fetish, here are some rules to follow to ensure your submissive’s safety, as well as pleasure.

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Spanking Fetish Dos and Don’ts Brush up on your spanking basics to get the most out of your spanking kink.

Begin slowly.

Don’t strike out of rage.

Spanking Quiz

Give that ass a nice rub once you’re in position for an erotic spanking. Show your appreciation by getting your hand acquainted with the ass you’re about to smack. Begin your strokes slowly and lightly, with an open hand and your fingers flat together. Also, you must try to play this erotic spanking quiz.

Know that using separated fingers with a flat hand will sting a little more, so work up to that if a little pain is part of the pleasure in this encounter.

Request feedback or use a safe word.

You’ve started slowly, which is good, but as you increase the intensity, make sure to get feedback from your partner. “How does that feel?” asks the question directly. “Do you like it?”

If you know your partner well, you can also tell whether you are pleasing them by their moans and body language. You could also ask your partner to say a safe word if the spanking exceeds their comfort level.

You’ve hit the nail on the head.

Avoid spanking your partner too hard on the a$$. Avoid getting too close to the waist or the kidneys. If you’re not sure, aim lower and focus on the fleshiest part of the ass.

If you go too high up, you’ll be in tail-bone and back territory, which is less erotic and simply unsexy and painful.

About the quiz

If you and your spanking partner have had a disagreement and you believe now is a good time to add spanking to your make-up sex, think again. Do you want to find your kink then you should take this kink test?

A spanking kink is a fun form of foreplay and an enjoyable part of sex, but it should always be done with love. To keep things in the right context, it’s a good idea to give your partner some kisses or positive comments during this type of play.

Don’t spank yourself to the point of injury.

Each submissive will have a different pain threshold. Even if your partner requests more, keep an eye out for signs that it’s time to stop or lighten up, such as excessive bruising and, in particular, broken skin. As a result, it’s best if you don’t practice your spanking fetish in the dark.

Don’t spank too high!

This was already mentioned in the Dos, but it bears repeating. Better to be safe than sorry!

Do not hit too far up on the buttocks, especially just below the waist on either side, where the kidneys are located. Aim for the lower buttocks and upper thigh with your spanks.

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