Quiz – Which Saw Character Are You?


Take this Saw Quiz to find out which Saw character you are. Are You Jigsaw, Dr. Lawrence Gordon, Adam, Amanda, or else based on your personality?

A unique and exhilarating cinematic experience was unveiled to the globe in 2004. The horror genre reached previously unheard-of heights with the release of “Saw,” which was written and directed by James Wan. This compelling story develops into a complicated network of individuals, each with unique goals, personalities, and moral quandaries. Have you ever pondered which of these famous movie’s characters most speaks to you? Take our “Quiz: Which Saw Character Are You?” to learn more about your darker side.

A Brief Dive into Saw (2004)

The masterwork “Saw” masterfully combines gore with psychological thriller elements to create an atmosphere of intense tension and fear. The story centers on two guys named Dr. Lawrence Gordon and Adam, who wake up shackled in a run-down restroom and have no idea how they got there. They are forced to face their darkest secrets and worst fears in a graphic game of survival by Jigsaw, the ever-present enemy.

Key Characters and Their Complexities

Dr. Lawrence Gordon:

A successful surgeon, Dr. Lawrence is intelligent and methodical, and harbors guilt from past mistakes. As the story unfolds, he faces the dilemma of saving himself or risking it all for family and ethics.


A photographer by profession, Adam is somewhat impulsive and enigmatic. Throughout the film, his resilience is tested, and his connections to other characters add layers to the plot.

Jigsaw/John Kramer:

The twisted mastermind behind the “game,” Jigsaw is not your conventional antagonist. He doesn’t derive pleasure from killing but instead wants his victims to value life by putting them through life-altering trials.

Detective David Tapp:

A dedicated detective, Tapp becomes obsessed with capturing Jigsaw after the death of his partner. His determination is his strength, but it’s also his tragic flaw.


A former victim of Jigsaw, Amanda’s survival makes her a key piece in the overarching narrative. Her experiences with Jigsaw shift her perspective on life, with revelations that shock audiences.

So, Which Saw Character Are You?

It’s amazing how a movie can cause us to consider our moral compass. Every character in “Saw” stands for a distinct aspect of humanity, ranging from tenacity and devotion to remorse and atonement. The film’s underlying theme is one of accepting responsibility for one’s actions, appreciating life, and making difficult decisions despite its sinister premise.

The purpose of the “Quiz: Which Saw Character Are You?” is to go into your subconscious, compare your answers to those of the movie’s characters, and identify which character most closely resembles you. Have you got Detective Tapp’s level of resolve? or Jigsaw’s perverted morality? Maybe you can relate to Adam’s tenacity or Dr. Lawrence Gordon’s moral quandaries.

Why Take the Quiz?

Despite being a work of fiction, “Saw” portrays extremely serious moral quandaries and personal struggles for its protagonists. Taking the quiz is an enjoyable and insightful method to reflect on and assess your choices, anxieties, and principles.

Conclusion: Embrace the Game

“Saw” is a cinematic experience that explores the depths of the human psyche rather than merely being a film. By completing the “Which Saw Character Are You?” quiz, you’re starting a self-discovery adventure in addition to enjoying a little entertainment. Are you prepared to begin a game now? Take the quiz to find out which character from this classic of film you most closely resemble.

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