Rice Purity Test – How Pure Are You?

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Take this Rice Purity Test to find out how pure you are. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

Take pure tests as the BuzzFeed original quiz “What sex do you have and the character of the city?” only to stigmatize sexuality and contribute to the culture of fault and honor, linked with sex, instead of being thoughtless or combating boredom in work (which only applies to women). A pure test is essentially a self-administered quiz, which entails answering a number of yes/no questions about sex, drug use, and other ‘taboo’ items in which you participated. Finally, you obtain a score — normally a percentage — in which 100% is the purest a person can be and 0% the least.

Though this seemed like an Internet-borne test, at least from the 1920s purity tests were conducted, the most well-known one being the rice purity test, originally published in the student newspaper The Thresher at Rice University in 1924. Of the 119 women students, the average score was 62, of the student publication reports. The average of the 119 students was 62.

Furthermore, in 1935, a 1935 edition of The Jester, the satirical journal at Columbia University, reported on a purity test reportedly done on-campus Barnard. A “trial of virtues” in 1939, many from the 1980s, numerous from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the University of Carnegie Mellon, according to a book created by 1975 on urban folklore, are further examples.

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Rice Purity Test

The pure test has been evolving since the 1920s – most recently in 2021 on (what else) TikTok, called The Innocence Test. The Innocence Test questions so-called rebellious acts just as other purity tests, but this situation is more updated and includes technological examples. No test or survey of questions can determine your cleanliness or lack of them. You are the person you choose to be despite your circumstances and these tests are a time-honored and outdated culture that insists on the police and sexuality of women. Also, you will find your innocence percentage in this Rice Purity Test.

You’re a fellow? A baddie? A baddie? An uprising? Or a wholehearted devil? In return for a review of all your “unclean” behaviors, the Innocence Test will tell you.

The Innocence Test is a revised version of the Classical Rice Purity Test. Created by Ella Menashe PO ’23 and its closest buddy Grace Wetsel.

The rice pureness assessment, created by Rice University students, estimates the pureness rate once several statements describing risk activities are verified. While the Rice Purity Test has been revised on an ongoing basis since it was established in 1924, Menashe and Wetsel argue that the present impurities of sexing are out of touch.

“The bestiality and incest are there, I believe. Also, we were like, ‘I don’t know if those things are really good. I don’t hope,'” Menashe said. Menashe said.

About the quiz

There are 100 declarations, each of which is a step away from pureness. Each ticked statement adds a point to user ratings that define their etiquette. From “been on the date” to “the police called on you”. According to Menashe and Wetsel, the comments reflect a wide range of scandalous behavior.

At the start, best friends utilized the test to keep in touch while attending colleges throughout the country to measure their college antiquities.

In effect, a hundred questions were examined at Rice University in Houston, Texas, to commence the rice purity test.

It is a self-graded assessment evaluating the alleged level of innocence of participants in such topics as sex, drugs, deception, and other assumed vices.

The aim of the survey was to assess how university life’s experience shapes individual life and whether it has progressed during its study time.

It was also a means of seeing the innocence of the upcoming inflow of students for university older citizens.

Furthermore, the test ratings are usually percentage scale, the least pure is 0 percent, and the purest are 100 percent.

New students tested it willingly to help connect with other similar students. In addition, online cleanliness tests were among the first online tests, which were popular in Usenet in the early 1980s.

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