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Take this From Scratch quiz to find out which character from the tv-show From Scratch you are. Answer these quick questions to find out. Play it now!

Amy, who recently arrived from Texas, is travelling Italy and trying to experience things that she would never have the time to do again while attending art classes and sampling delectable cuisine. A accidental meeting with Italian chef Lino results in the frenzied romance of a lifetime.

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The two begin a life of love together, but it is not without challenges. While Lino’s parents are hesitant about him marrying a Black lady from America, Amy’s parents urge her to go back to law school. Even when things are difficult, the two persevere, getting married and continuing to handle everything life throws at them.

From Scratch quiz

Lino struggles to find a career that satisfies him while they adjust to life in America. He worked as a chef in a restaurant in Italy, but he is having difficulty breaking into that industry in the US. He starts out as a waiter but struggles with the fact that he can’t pursue his true interest.

When Lino is given a cancer diagnosis, everything change. Doctor’s appointments and cancer treatments replaced what was supposed to be a delightful existence filled with food and art while trying to nurture a little kid. The way Lino and Amy overcome their challenges and how their love triumphs will have to be seen by the audience. This Netflix From Scratch quiz will help you remember certain details.

It’s unclear from the trailer what Amy starts working on once the two move to America. She is resolute about not going back to law school, but it is unclear whether or how she is helping to support the couple as Lino tries to get back into the food industry. There is hope that she will be able to continue to make time for her love because she is frequently seen painting. Maybe she even uses it to support her family financially. Also, you must try to play this Netflix From Scratch quiz.


Lino Ortolano

A charming Italian man named Lino Ortolano (played by Eugenio Mastrandrea) was born and raised in the Sicilian village of Castelleone. He was driven to make things ever since he was a young child. Later, he moved away from his native town and his family to start a profession as a chef in a restaurant. In addition to being a chef who enjoyed cooking, he also displayed originality in his cuisine. His distinctive cooking style served as a vehicle for his artistic expression. He immediately connected with Amy after running into her on the streets of Florence. He came to understand that Amy was a true artist after interacting with her on multiple occasions. Their relationship grew stronger as a result.

Amy Wheeler

A struggling artist from Los Angeles named Amy Wheeler (played by Zoe Saldaa) went to Florence, Italy, to study art and discover her unique painting technique. Even though Amy wanted to pursue her love of painting and art, her father wanted to enroll her in law school. Amy ultimately made the choice to pursue her passion. She started dating Giancarlo, the proprietor of a prestigious art gallery in Florence, but after several encounters with Lino, she changed her mind. She looked into his eyes and felt the hardships of an artist. She believed Lino to be her soulmate.

Amy’s Parents: Hershel Wheeler And Lynn Wheeler

Hershel Wheeler, Amy’s father, was an accomplished attorney who initially urged Amy to pursue a career in law but finally granted her the opportunity to follow her love. Hershel Wheeler is portrayed by Keith David. He first disagreed with all of Amy’s choices, but he was eventually made to love them. He first extended a financial hand to his daughter, which humiliated Lino. Later, he welcomed Lino into his family as his own. Hershel was a good man who, although boasting of his strength and knowledge, truly cared for his children.

About the From Scratch quiz

The From Scratch quiz is made up of 30 questions that will help you uncover which character from the Netflix tv-show From Scratch (2022) you are most similar to. It uses a specific technique to determine your personality and compare it with the character in the movie.

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