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Minions Quiz: Which Minions Character Are You?


Take this Minions Quiz to find out which Minions character you are. Play the most accurate Minions quiz among all other quizzes.

In the movies Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2, there are little yellow creatures called minions (they are definitely the most memorable characters in both films). They can have one or two eyes and are fashioned somewhat like tablets.

They are weak-willed, impulsive, and naive creatures. However, their innocent charm and wide-eyed amazement have won over audiences all around the world. They appeal to people in some way, and their actions leave people grinning or laughing. Although they occasionally can be a pain, they often make us laugh out loud.

If you really want to know about the characters in Minions you should first watch the Minions. If you don’t know how, find some info on where to watch Minions for free and learn about the Minions in detail then take the Minions quiz and get the best results.

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Gru loves the minions, unlike other evil masterminds, and as a result, they have a wonderful connection. We are also won over to his character by his sincere gratitude for their labor.

Each of them is also known to him by name. But don’t worry, you may browse below and learn them for yourself if you don’t already know them all. This is why you must play our Minions Quiz.

Minions Quiz

One of the main characters, notably in Despicable Me 2, is Dave, a two-eyed minion. He is one of the intelligent, loving, and, of course, very hilarious minions. He and Stuart have a special bond with Gru, as seen by the fact that they rush to his aid after Gru is kidnapped and placed in the trunk of agent Lucy Wilde’s vehicle.

One-eyed Stuart is a fun-loving minion. With his closest friend Dave, he enjoys playing video games a lot. He is pictured above on the left, appearing unconcerned until he hears the last chuckle. That is how you will find which minions character are you in the most accurate way.

Which Minions Character Are You?

Two-eyed Jerry is a short, chubby minion with spiky hair. He is a very sensitive person, as is seen when Kevin calls him a coward. He also reacts fearfully to unfamiliar noises, as evidenced in the scene.

You can tell that Kevin, another two-eyed minion, enjoys making fun of other people when he calls Jerry a coward. He must love the game because he is frequently spotted dressed for golf.

Tim is a tall, two-eyed, sprout-haired minion. He typically wears conservative clothing, probably reflecting the fact that he is a little older than the other minions. He has a tie and is bald in Despicable Me 2.

Mark is a combed-haired, two-eyed servant. He frequently appears in the movies as a motherly figure; perhaps this is why he is the ‘mother’ unlockable character in the game Minion Rush.

About The Minions Quiz

One of the three men assigned to find Agnes a new unicorn is Phil, a two-eyed subordinate. He joins Mark and Tim in karaoke performing “Copacabana.”

Carl is a diminutive, one-eyed subordinate with a buzz cut. He enjoys spending time with other minions and is a joy to be around. He enjoys making noise and skateboarding.

Josh is a two-eyed, short, chubby subordinate. Josh, the assistant who is initially positioned to the left of Tim, and he engages in a distance competition. He is quite funny, especially when he is seen with Stuart and Larry inspecting his butt.

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