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Take this Love Is Blind Quiz to find out which character you are. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Did you think the premise of Love Is Blind, in which 30 singles meet and talk to each other through a wall, making romantic connections without ever seeing each other in person, sounded too ridiculous to work? The first five episodes of the new Netflix reality dating series have been released, and there are a few surprises in store.

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Multiple couples agreed to get engaged after only two weeks of knowing each other — despite spending the first ten days of that very short timeframe in different rooms entirely (and it turns out that even more couples got engaged than were actually shown in the episodes!). The actions of these “singles” (and the hosts of the show!) are more unexpected than anyone could have predicted. With a premise as bizarre as this, it was difficult to narrow down the list of the series’ most shocking moments — but that’s exactly what we’ve done. Also, you must try to play this Love Is Blind Quiz.

Love Is Blind Quiz

Because Netflix is releasing Love Is Blind’s first season in three installments, we’ve compiled a list of all the biggest WTF or gasp-inducing moments from the first five episodes (which are now streaming). Check back here on Thursday, Feb. 20 for all the wildest moments from the next four episodes, and then again on Thursday, Feb. 27 for the 84-minute finale — which will undoubtedly be the most shocking of all if any couples actually make it down the aisle and say, “I Do.”

Nick and Vanessa Lachey host Love Is Blind, and when Vanessa introduces herself to all the singles at the start of the experiment as “Vanessa Lachey,” Nick responds, “I’m obviously Nick Lachey, her husband.” What was the source of that “obviously”? Furthermore, there is a huge opportunity for any of the singles to yell, “Stay out of it, Nick Lachey!” There are clearly no One Tree Hill fans in this crowd.

It’s revealed early on in the episode that not only does the couple has to get engaged after only 10 days of conversations through a wall, but they also have to get married four weeks later. That in and of itself is shocking. Who would sign up for an accelerated timeline if they knew they’d miss out on making physical connections with their potential fiancé/fiancée? This “experiment” has gone even crazier than expected.

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One of the male singles, Carlton, abruptly exits the pod without even saying goodbye to the female single, Amber, with whom he was on a “date,” because she is discussing how she became her own “masculine energy” instead of having father issues as a result of growing up without a responsible male presence in her life. Rude! It’s obvious that this guy is going to be a problem. It will be interesting to see if he is one of the males who become engaged by the end of the pod segment of the experiment.

While the ladies sip mimosas and gossip about how their dates are going, they wonder what the guys do when they can’t play video games (since no devices including phones, tablets, and televisions are allowed to be used during the pod part of the experiment). “Bro, I bet I can do more pushups than you,” they mock their potential new husbands. The camera pans to the men competing in how many pushups they can do in one minute. This stuff is literally impossible to believe!

“I’m certain she’s the one. “I’m ready to propose to Lauren,” Cameron says after only five days of having conversations with a stranger and never seeing her in person. The look of shock and terror on her face as she realizes what’s going on is how it feels to be a viewer watching him get down on one knee. And even after they get engaged, they never get to see what the other looks like.

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