There’s No Way You Can Score Over 50% On This Joker Quiz


In this Joker quiz you will find out are you an expert in the Joker franchise. Try to answer all the questions and beat 78% of the fans.

There’s a laugh in the breeze, not a nice guy. The sound is powerful and shrill, so you want to flee in a different direction when you hear it. But if this is the Joker’s creepy laugh, it could mean that he’s covered any possible escape. You can’t run anything but to play his little game.

Don’t worry, if you’ve been paying attention to the character, your chances are high. That’s why we suppose you clicked on your way in the first place. You may be among the vast masses that this unique villain is spellbound. You may have followed his various stories through comic books, or maybe the first time you saw Heath Ledger’s picture on the Dark Knight, you were spellbound by his trance.

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You’re going to have some issues here if this is the case. The Dark Knight is humorous, but the roots of this character are much deeper than the lap time of the film. Also, this is probably one of the most engaging quizzes you will play today.

Those who claim that they are DC fans will have no trouble finding answers to all the questions on the test! This DC exam will focus on the best heroes, the worst villains, their amazing histories, and more! Luckily for us, DC is releasing more and more movies and TV shows to fans, so that we can keep our long list of favorite characters.

Joker quiz

This DC contest will also focus on our favorite heroes, heroines, and the romantic partners of the villains. Can you finish the whole quiz?

While Joker has fought against some of the most powerful and impressive superheroes and villagers in the fictional universe, that doesn’t necessarily mean he has super-powers. Bear in mind that although Batman had no supernatural powers, he had many conversations with Superman. Think back to what you know about Joker, and see if, in any event, he’s displaying a superpower. But you shouldn’t waste any more time and start this quiz.

Since he’s completely insane, The Joker doesn’t seem to care about spending a lot of time in an asylum. That’s a good thing for him because he seems to be hurled back and forth by Batman once in a while. This is the chosen haven of The Joker, which Gotham mythology has made popular. If you’re a fan of this fantasy world, you know what’s called asylum. The respect for you will raise if you take this Joker quiz.

You’re presumably going to know what kind of card he’s left behind in his crime scenes if you know anything about the witch. Every time it’s the same card, and every time it’s hit, the Bats will never fail to get mad. This question can be so easy that if you’re a comic nerd, you may want to find out if it’s a trick for casual Joker fans. Also, we will test your knowledge in this quiz.

Beat the other fans by scoring more than 78%?

And a diabolical genius like The Joker, his only body, can’t do something. No-to accomplish his busy schedule on time, he needs a little support, and that’s the target of his lovers. Of course, The Joker has a sidekick that keeps him more than anyone else, and she’s satisfied with that job. This person was so furious at the Suicide Squad that her name was fresh in your mind.

This is a screenshot of one of the finest scenes in The Dark Knight. It’s definitely not the kind of gag that disappears since it was first used. This time, among other things in the film, it took us to the deeply depressed, but psychotic, loving nature of the Joker. From now on, we were so curious to see what he did next, despite the good vote against him in us. Whole lotta points to be taken in this Joker quiz. This quiz will help you remember certain details.

The Joker, to say the least, did a lot of bad things in his life. He’s easy to laugh at these acts as a joke every time he asks about them, not to make it any easier. It really makes you think the guy doesn’t get through!

If you have a joker on the road — in which case we’re going to feel so sorry for you and tell you to run away immediately — and he’s going to go to you for a quick chat, there’s probably a point where he’d like to ask you a few questions. It may be very important, or completely insignificant, to your response to this question, depending on your mood. You must try to play this quiz.

What should you expect from this Joker quiz

In addition to his brilliant intellect, the Joker relies on a lot of things to do his disgusting job. Without them, Gotham would still be brilliant, but a lot more work and luck would take him too far to plunge him into darkness. One of his precious assets is his poison, a poison that he uses a great deal in his appearance in comic books.

If you don’t know your general comic book trivia, it may be a little difficult for you. But that’s not why we’re giving you a pass. But, if you are a fan it should be easy to answer the quiz questions.

Joker’s part of his life has grown to use this loophole, and no one is doing better than him. Beat him by taking this Joker quiz and prove yourself.

The twisted theory of life emerges from him in each of the scenes of his Dark Knight. You’re definitely not going to let this saying slip you by if you’re a character fan.

The supervillain Joker is already a good pseudonym, but the man must certainly give him an additional nickname apart from the moniker. It’s going to happen with his upliftment and his mind. If you don’t know the answer, he will sneak on you if you least expect it! So, what’s the official nickname of the Joker, apart from the Joker?

Again, the fact is that the biography of the Joker or any details about his past life is totally unverified.

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