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Take this How Well Do You Know Naruto quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

It’s not as sprawling as the laughably long animated series One Piece, but diving into the world of Naruto at this point is still a daunting task.

Based on Masashi Kishimoto’s manga of the same name, the long-running and beloved show follows a young ninja named Naruto Uzumaki as he navigates a world built around mystical control of in-born, elemental abilities. It takes so long to tell the story of his training in these arts that many of the show’s young fans grow up alongside him.

The show is divided into two storylines: the original Naruto, which follows the young ninja-in-training as a child, and Naruto: Shippuden, which follows his later exploits as a teenager. While you might think this would make it easier to digest, the two shows have a combined total of 720 episodes. To give you a sense of scale, in 2014, the Adult Swim anime block Toonami began airing Shippuden’s 500 episodes on a weekly basis. They plan to finish the series in 2024.

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Before you get discouraged by the mountain of cartoon ninja homework, let us take you on a tour of the series’ world. You’d be hard-pressed to find a story that requires 720 episodes to wrap up, but that doesn’t mean Naruto’s eventual story isn’t worth your time. But you shouldn’t waste any more time and start this Naruto quiz.

How Well Do You Know Naruto

Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden is both set on a fictionalized Earth where people are born with elemental chakra powers. As it currently stands, the world is divided into five global powers and a few smaller countries. These countries are named and organized in accordance with the dominant elemental trait of the people who live there.

The five great powers, for example, are known as the Land of Earth, the Land of Wind, the Land of Lightning, the Land of Water, and the Land of Fire. Monarchs rule the countries, which are guarded by a warrior class of ninjas who have honed their elemental powers. These armies are maintained by training promising young people in hidden villages that double as academies. The young ninjas are frequently called upon to perform tasks that require their powers, allowing them to support the village by earning money while also gaining experience. Also, you must try to play this how well do you know Naruto quiz.

In this world, we meet Naruto Uzumaki, a rambunctious young orphan with a chip on his shoulder.

Naruto’s parents were incredibly talented fighters for the Land of Fire, and his mother Kushina possessed abilities that even the most gifted ninjas could not match. Her vast chakra reserves enabled her to be a rare carrier of a demon spirit known as a Nine-Tailed Fox. These beasts were sealed inside humans who could control them, giving them incredible powers while also making them responsible for the monster’s containment.

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Naruto’s mother was attacked by the leader of a renegade ninja group just as she was about to give birth to her son. The attacker was successful in unsealing Kushina’s beast, and the ensuing rampage destroyed the Uzumakis’ home village. Naruto’s parents were both killed in the battle, with his father sacrificing himself to prevent the beast’s destruction. In the process, he encased a piece of the beast within his infant son.

The orphaned Naruto’s possession of this power at such a young age, and that power originating from a beast that destroyed his village, made him an outcast even as the village cared for his well-being.

Naruto, who is brash and unsocialized, makes himself a nuisance just to get people to look at him. For a change from the usual wide berth that people who know his origin give him, he plays pranks on the local villagers and frequently offends his elders. When he’s sent off to ninja academy to hone his skills, the village is mostly relieved to see him go.

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how well do you know naruto
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