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She is a fictional character that joins sides with Joker and she is a part of the Suicide Squad. Test how much you know her in this Harley Quinn quiz.

Harley Quinn is a relatively new character for fans of comic books. Harley was first published in the 1990s and is currently 1,000 years old. Millennial characters, like the anti-hero, have proven to be more challenging. Over the years we have come to know that Harley Quinn ‘s loving daughter-in – law is something more than Joker’s.

Like several of her other cohorts, Harley doesn’t mind bending to do the job. These heroes and anti-heroes, along with their Gotham City sirens, Catwoman and Poison Ivy, and members of the Suicide Squad, such as Deadshot and Diablo, have shown that decency and dignity have not necessarily been measured. Not all labels “good” or “evil” are possible. Also, this is probably one of the most engaging quizzes you will play today.

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No matter whether you think that Harley Quinn is a hero or a villain, no one can dispute that her mind is completely out of her mind. She confesses, too. Harley completely knows that she is “a legitimately sought after a licensed customer in two dozen states and deeply loved by a psycho-killed clown.”

Harley Quinn quiz

No matter whether you think that Harley Quinn is a hero or a villain, no one can dispute that her mind is completely out of her mind. She confesses, too. Harley completely knows that she is “a legitimately sought after a licensed customer in two dozen states and deeply loved by a psycho-killed clown.” But you shouldn’t waste any more time and start this quiz.

In any case, the relationship between Harley and Batman’s most infamous enemy is seen by most as extremely unsanitary and violent. If you know why that is? Ok, you know why? How was that Harley’s name? Where did she get to be born? Did she finally get over Mistah J for real? Take this test and test your knowledge of one of DC Comics’ most notorious criminals. You don’t need to be acid-bad or even stain your face to express your love for Harley. She is the most prominent villain in the Batman saga, so try to beat this Harley Quinn quiz.

Mentally Insane Elizabeth Arkham Asylum, better known as Arkham Asylum, is a mental hospital in Gotham City. Any of Batman’s most famous enemies, including Riddler, Two-Face, Killer Croc, and Mr. Freeze, plus many of Gotham’s villains, will spend some time in Arkham. The Joker, of course, was also an alum for Arkham Asylum, but was he also his sweetheart? Have they met like that, huh? What did Harley do before she became Joker’s wife in Arkham? We’re not sure you can finish this Harley Quinn quiz to the end.

The character of the harlequin is physically agile and manipulative. In every way, and always presented as a romantic hero, Harlequin wants to help his master. Also, we will test your knowledge in this quiz.

Beat the other fans by scoring more than 80%?

Since Puddin’s greatest obsession with the Dark Knight, Harley, too, has vowed to take down “Batsy.” However, her manicures attempts to rid Batman have always failed, and still, for the Clown Princess, Bats has always had a soft spot. He sees her well, and he feels that she should be helped. They also fought together on a number of occasions, and Harley helped Batman discover the Joker. Did she take advantage of her wives to get what she wants?

The laughable pet hyenas of the Joker made their first appearance at the “Mad Love # 1” Batman Adventure, which exposed the relationship between Joker and Harley Quinn. They like to laugh and play buns on their rivals, much like their master. They loved Harley, though, and would never attack her. This quiz will help you remember certain details.

If there’s something that Harley proves, it’s not black and white sexuality. Everyone knows the toxic relationship between Harley and Clown Prince of Crime and her much stronger, romantic friendship with Poison Ivy and her long-standing Wonder Woman. You were right to think that you sensed some tension between Harley and Deadshot in the Suicide Squad. The two characters are physically connected in the comics. How many other DC characters did Harley have sex with each other?

His character-growth is a fascinating story for Harley Quinn. Naturally, her story has changed a number of times over the years, like many comic book characters. It was produced in the 1990s because the writers of Batman never wanted the Joker to have an interest in love. It makes him a more empathetic, human being who loves the clown prince of crime, which Joker doesn’t have. But there’s nothing about Harley. If the fans had caught a glimpse of the Brooklyn broad, they also fell in love with her.

What should you expect from this Harley Quinn quiz

The Clown Princess was born in Big Apple, no doubt. DC made a few references to her NYC past, which is hard to miss due to its distinctive, thick, New York accent. Harley went home for a while before she broke out on her own, and we could see her separate escapes in her own comic series in NYC. You must try to play this quiz.

The Joker is a complete and utter sociopath, and Harley knows that. However, despite his ability to love and care about another human except himself (and Batman), he still loves Harley in his sick, twisted way. It’s not love in a stable relationship, but Clown does what he can for a criminally insane man.

We know that Joker never really committed himself to his loving clown princess, so it would be hard to imagine him with a family — even if Harley really wanted it all. She has a very traditional dream life at the Suicide Squad, a house with clean skin, and a few rugrats. But with her Puddin, she knows it’s unattainable for them, she has a lot to do with the image — perfect “natural” existence. “Norm is a dryer set up,” says Harley. But, if you are a fan it should be easy to answer the quiz questions.

The creators of Harley Quinn did not know that she was going to be a wonderful person. Originally, Harley was supposed to be a background character — just a member of Joker’s loyal falsity gang. The crowd fell over the heels of the dear madman, who looked a lot more like a wrong woman. In Batman, she became a continuous character: the Animated Series, and soon afterward she began to appear in the comics. No character other than Harley has shifted from TV to comics.

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