Green Lantern Quiz: Can you name all the characters?


In this Green Lantern quiz you will find out are you an expert in the Green Lantern franchise. Try to answer all the questions and beat 87% of the fans.

Green Lantern is one of the most unusual comic book designs of all time. The GLs are with Star Trek and with Star Wars when it comes to the depth of the mythology and the huge catalog of characters. At the beginning of time the story begins in Green Lantern comics. Then it extends to the last minutes of the universe ‘s death.

The body has a different feeling, green color is for willpower, yellow color is for horror, red color is for rage, blues are for hope, orange is for greed, indigo can be for compassion, and purple of course for love. The spectrum includes a body in every color. Each body member has a living incarnation of that emotion to strengthen the rings. Do the arithmetic on this, and you will certainly discover that there are more than a few characters.

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The first Blue Lantern in the world is one of the protagonists. Although the blue lanterns are not able to offend, they are able to overwhelm the green lanterns. Then they blow their enemies into the kingdom of the future (the spot, not the story). He is one of those guys who can’t stop talking about optimism that others can’t stop talking about yoga and veganism. Also, this is probably one of the most engaging quizzes you will play today.

Green Lantern Quiz

The other character is based on David Niven and on someone you disagree with politically philosophically. He is a villain with whom we can identify. Although he appears to be the villain of the entire series of Green Lantern. We know the desire for peace, and the loss of his home, his world, his hate for his sister. We understand his desire for peace. He is a victim of his own vanity, though, and serious flaws in his character that he can never recognize, let alone prevent. But you shouldn’t waste any more time and start this quiz.

She has one of the best backgrounds of all modern comics. After witnessing a gang hit unintentionally, for years Jessica was locked in solitary confinement, afraid to be identified. Though its stories spin into the typical fare of science fiction, its arc remains something exploring carefully. Jessica has struggled with issues we’re all dealing with. One is social anxieties and everyday life concerns with every new encounter and every social interaction. This kind of down-to-earth character with which we can interact is a real treat in comics, particularly those with alien squirrels.

This is the foundation of the Green Lantern mythology. According to that, you get Green Lantern Quiz characters. Hal Jordan took the ring after his death. Believing GLC had been doomed to failure, he founded the Tribe of the Indigos in the hope that love could save the world in order to resolve his daughter’s loss. This finding renders even more tragic the collapse of his son from grace. Also, we will test your knowledge in this quiz.

Beat the other fans by scoring more than 87%?

This is a large, yellow insect, which is as old as the world and the root of all the fear that a sensitive being can experience. It has a name and a face. Ok, how can we not see that coming? This character is the source of the yellow impurity that has plagued the Green Lanterns for millennia. This quiz will help you remember certain details.

They are even willing, over a period of time — like Hal Jordan — to subtly incite fear to weaken the target of demonic possession, as they have done to so many green lanterns and even Ganthet guardians. The Hal Jordan failure was heavily responsible and the whole Corps almost collapsed. Sinestro may be the series’ primary villain, but he is the one who can not stop. As a living sensation, he’s tacit.

You know, you ‘d think he was a normal cat if it wasn’t that he could fly. He vomits like an average cat, he’s just a Red lantern, so he vomits acidic blood. The trustfull Red Lantern of them all, this character only desires to search for the people who killed his owner in order to destroy them. You know, people are always going as far away as cats are, but it definitely sounds as if he is a loyal feline like hell. His 8-page original tale is reviewed. At the end, you’re not saying, “I would be going to find someone hurting you. I kill. I am a sweet kitty.”

What should you expect from this green lantern quiz

When you think it was The Greatest Green Lamp, which was mentioned in the Oa book and not Hal Jordan, well, we’ve got some horrific news for you. He still has the right to be a bit rude as young and brash as he is. He built a spacecraft to escape from his home planet when he was a child. Despite his people despised him, he actually stepped into their sun and employed his will to save them from dying. Now it’s an evil one. You must try to play this quiz.

It’s fair to say that the protagonist is a whiny, self-absorbed Victim Olympics champion. This dimensional exile was once a biggest hero in the DCU. It could not cope with the fact that he was much more steady from his true home than the Earth in which he now resided.

Fans seem to have a bad rap since they “start time,” which has prompted the intense reactions of the Infinite Crisis. However, he’s far more than a crying child. He just wants respect and friendship, but he doesn’t know how to do it. The story of Superman is a story of the outsider and this guy is the final outsider. But, if you are a fan it should be easy to answer the quiz questions.

But we took a little from everyone and the deepest, most strange places in mythology for checking your knowledge. we couldn’t use everybody for this exam. The key question now is, Can you name these characters Green Lantern?

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