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Do you have what it takes to beat this Euphoria quiz? Try to answer all the questions and beat 80% of the people around the world.

HBO has still not set a date for Season 2, but it will air two “bridge” show episodes on 6 December. Fans of Euphoria will enjoy an Early Holiday treat. (At midnight on 3 December, on HBO Max, the first episode, “Part 1: Rue,” falls). In this respect, the season 1 finale was broadcasted in August 2019 for more than a year, so you may need a bit of Euphoria season 1. Here’s the last spot we left the gang and the rue.

Rue comes home and school after a stint in recovery when Euphoria starts. She went to her retailer Fezco to purchase her medicine, passed a drug test with the urine of her childhood friend Lexi. Rue and Jules link immediately and cross the line between romance and friendship. Rue is also insecure for Jules because her sponsor Ali feels the relationship doesn’t last.

Rue’s first abuse of medication is revealed when she tried oxycodone from her father after his death from cancer. Rue suffers from serious depression in addition to her battles with harmful drug use; she gets a kidney infection in an especially bad depressive condition where she cannot get out of bed to pee.

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We select a new episode every week. Every week. It could be fine. It could be wrong. It’s still going to be fun. The pilot of HBO’s Euphoria is the episode of the week between 16 and 22 June.

Euphoria quiz

It’s not really teenagers who really attend HBO’s latest teen drama Euphoria. And the parents of young people are not. No, Euphoria’s real audience is a parent with children aged 5 to 10, who are still reasonably successful with these children but who can see the storm clouds on the horizon. Also, this is probably one of the most engaging quizzes you will play today.

The pilot of the show waves between attentive observation and too hard to try. After the first five minutes, I almost had to avoid watching the protagonist’s life; she is 17 years old, but Euphoria begins with the declaration that the last time she’s happy was in the womb, the feeling that she’s been ruptured with a T-shirt Hot Subject. The episode was very careful to represent “how teens live,” but it is not what is timely, its greatest power, but what is eternal.

Their wild emotions and thoughts make them the perfect protagonist of stories, as sometimes they embark on totally destructive actions, with the assurance they do only what they have to do. But you shouldn’t waste any more time and start this Euphoria quiz.

About the quiz

In a dark place of intense desire last year, Euphoria left its protagonist and narrator, Rue Bennett (Zendaya). Her impetuous decision to fleet Jules (Hunter Schafer) from the enclave in the suburbs, in the end, flies because of a mix of hesitation and a comprehension of the truth. When they do, Rue turns again to drugs to sand the edges of her life. “The Trouble Don’t always Finish,” Euphoria’s first of two one-off specials, aims to continue the development of the character of Rue — to study her weight of dependence and her possible futures — even though the show has a distinctly different trapping and rhythm. Also, we will test your knowledge in this quiz.

The ongoing pandemic of coronavirus necessitated filming, which forced author, director, and creator Sam Levinson to discard his common designs. The movement of the camera is over with swooning, hyper energy, silver-modifying, neon-drawn color palette, and sparkling reams. In its location, the show has not seen grace and simplicity before. Discussions have been held about the style of Euphoria to the point of distracting itself from its lack of substance, but this display has more meat on the bone than it is frequently credited.

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euphoria quiz
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