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Do you have what it takes to beat this On My Block quiz? Try to answer all the questions and beat 80% of the people around the world.

The Core Four are back in season three of On My Block, but after the events of season 2, who knows whether or not they will be together. Mouse (Sierra Capri) is happy to divide himself for one, but it is a TV show, so destiny does not leave her alone. But it’s been a while since it all fell. So if you’re not sure why we’re here, just recap where we’ve left On My Block.

Saison 2 concluded with the good old-fashioned cliffhanger that came out of nowhere in a good way, with all the unidentified attackers abducted at the end of Chapter 20 by Monse, Jamal (Brett Gray), Ruby (Jason Genao), and Cesar (Diego Tinoco). The mouse was about to leave behind for a private Girls’ school the pitfalls of Freeride and his childhood BFFs, but that doesn’t seem to happen soon.

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This past season so much has happened. Ruby and his white partner were elder brothers. There. The arrest of Latrelle and his gang means practically that the Prophet Gang is over. In the first year of the season, the children find RollerWorld money, and in the second part of the season, the money from RollerWorld washed away and spent Cesar on the Prophets. Jasmine was less an irritating neighbor than a friend. Oh, and the grandmother of Ruby remained the greatest.

On My Block quiz

The third and final season of “On my Block,” where two were left, was abducted in an unidentified white car, and the four main ones were: Monse Finnie, Cesar Diaz, Martinez Ruby, and Jamal Turner. The third season began with the kidnapper’s identity: Cuchillos, the chief of the Santos street gang. But you shouldn’t waste any more time and start this quiz.

Mouse, Cesar, Ruby, and Jamal decided to get their lives back to something normal after the abuse and the vice of season one and head to head with the Prophet in season two. Nevertheless, it was the responsibility of Cuchillos to locate the Rollerworld money owner, Lil’ Ricky A.K.A., and the former lover who had been out of the grid for many years. On My Block, Season Three was launched on Netflix on 11 March 2020. Also, we will test your knowledge in this On My Block quiz.

The third season was full of big contradictions and gaps in the story. After the 19th Street gang had been abducted, Jamal had set to find out Lil’ Ricky’s identity but stopped suddenly to help Cesar to find his buddy, Oscar, A.K.A. Spooky. Plus, there is a two-year jump at the end of this season, but Lil’ Ricky still doesn’t get an update. Next, a new gang, 19th Street, without any context or history emerges outside of nowhere. We even don’t remember their names.

The plot was dry this season without any surprises as we’d predict from the past two seasons. The main trick was to see if the 19th Street members, a gaggle of 15-year-old boys who were hard to take seriously, were to kill Oscar.

About the quiz

On My Block‘ is a teen drama that focuses on the lives of four teenagers in the LA city center. The first ten-episode lays the stage and leads the story to where we bind ourselves to the figures. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can take the show on Netflix or go through the key events before you go ahead with the following season. This On My Block quiz will help you remember certain details.

Throughout his friends’ life, Cesar is in a constant struggle between being young and being a member of his brother’s band. But when Oscar returns at an early stage and pulls Cesar to his own world, his plans would be wasteful. His buddies are trying to get him out of it with all kinds of plans; Ruby even attempts to speak with Oscar. All of them finally agree what Caesar had achieved peace with the return of his brother.

In between, Cesar and Monse come together, but they conceal from Jamal and Ruby their relationship status because they don’t want to split the party. Cesar kisses Olivia on Halloween, the unrelated cousin of Ruby’s blood he has a crush. This causes stress in the community and it disintegrates with Monse. The problem is that Cesar is in the fight with Latrelle, a classmate who is now a prophet, the rival gang of Santos. Oscar offers all of the Cesar options. He can either hide or kill Latrelle before killing him. He can either hide. Cesar attempts to resist but has to pull a weapon on Latrelle at last. But he lets him run away and asks him never to return.

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