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Take this Encanto Gift Quiz to find out which Encanto gift would you have. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.


At the start of Encanto, the youngest Madrigal, Antonio, performed his candle ceremony. He was terrified of doing something so important and public by himself and pleaded with his older cousin Mirabel to accompany him. He was unconcerned, however, because the ceremony had bestowed upon him the ability to communicate with animals. As the youngest member of the family, Antonio often felt isolated from the rest of the family, with only Mirabel to keep him company in the nursery. Antonio’s gift, perhaps as a result of this, ensured that he would never feel alone again. He could make friends wherever he went, and animals followed him around for the rest of the film.

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Bruno, another of Alma’s triplets, vanished following Mirabel’s failed candle ceremony. Bruno’s gift allowed him to see into the future, but the majority of his predictions were so foreboding that they upset everyone around him. Such a depressing, even terrifying, power clashed with Alma’s image of the Madrigals, and Bruno’s predictions became such a source of contention for the family that he eventually decided to leave. Bruno spent the next ten years hiding within the walls of the house, while the family refused to even mention him. His gift demanded complete, unflattering honesty, which did not sit well with the rest of the family, particularly Alma, who sought a more idealized version of the truth. Bruno’s gift also made it easy for others to blame him for their problems, even though his predictions weren’t his fault, but he selflessly accepted the blame anyway to protect those he cared about. Also, you must try to play this Encanto Gift Quiz.

Encanto Gift Quiz


Julieta, Alma’s third child, possessed the ability to heal people through food. When an injured person ate any of her prepared foods, their health returned quickly. Julieta embodied the ideal selfless mother in Encanto in many ways; her warmth and kindness soothed anyone who came to her for help, and she always did what she could to help others. Julieta’s gift also emphasized the value of a home-cooked meal, particularly one prepared and shared with family. Food has the power to bring people together, as evidenced by the Madrigals gathered around the dinner table. Her gift was extremely useful, but it also highlighted the sacrifices she made – as if Julieta was constantly preparing food for others, how could she ever have time for herself?


Julieta’s eldest daughter had a gift that appeared to be as perfect as herself. Isabela had the ability to conjure up beautiful flowers of various shapes, sizes, and colors, which she used to decorate the floor at her feet and anything else she touched. Isabela thought she could only conjure perfect roses and other pretty things at the start of the Encanto film, but later in the film, in a fit of rage, she accidentally conjured a cactus. Such a small thing brought her great joy because she realized she could make imperfect plants as well, which meant she didn’t have to be perfect all of the time. Isabela had spent her life carefully monitoring her every move, never feeling completely free, and her gift reflected that. Isabela limited her potential by controlling her image, and Mirabel showed her how much more she could create if she stopped trying so hard.

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Luisa, Isabela’s sister, also struggled with expectations, as she described in the Encanto song “Surface Pressure.” Luisa was endowed with superhuman strength, allowing her to carry an inconceivable amount of weight with ease. Everyone in the community turned to Luisa for help with their heavy lifting because of her gift, and Luisa’s hardworking nature made it difficult to ever say no. Although her strength kept her from becoming physically exhausted from all of the work, Luisa became mentally exhausted from carrying the weight of the expectations placed on her shoulders by those around her. Luisa’s gift made her strong, but she was always afraid she wasn’t strong enough.


Julieta’s youngest daughter was the only one who lacked her own supernatural ability. Mirabel tried to make amends and prove to herself and her grandmother that she belonged, but she never felt like she could do enough to make her Abuela proud. However, by the end of Encanto, it was clear that Mirabel’s faith and love for her family were what propelled them forward. Only when she lost faith in herself did the house begin to fall apart, and her support was what allowed her family’s gifts to shine once more.

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