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Take this Do I Have A Crush Test to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

First and foremost, if you had a specific person in mind when you clicked on this post, I’m going to assume you already know you have a crush on someone. Still, being unclear whether you have a crush or genuinely want to be someone’s friend is quite acceptable. There is no rule book for determining if you like someone, but if you’re thinking, “Do I have a crush?” there are a few signals you should look for.

Clarissa Silva, a relationship therapist, and behavioral scientist believes that the key to distinguishing between romantic and platonic interest is sexual desire. Sometimes you have intense feelings for someone that make you want to get closer to them, and this is entirely normal. “With a romantic crush, you have the same urge plus sexual curiosity and attraction for them,” Silva adds.

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It is also possible to develop a crush on someone who you think really attractive… but do not intend to date. “A platonic crush is when you have a crush on someone who is either unattainable — think [a] celebrity crush — or you have a crush on someone who you have no intention of initiating intimacy with,” Dr. Darcy Sterling, Tinder’s dating and relationship trends expert, tells Elite Daily. However, if you have a love crush, those butterflies indicate that you are seeking something more. Also, you must try to play this Do I Have A Crush Test.

Do I Have A Crush Test

  1. You are continuously thinking about them.
    It is the first clue you may have seen if you are attracted to someone. You can’t help but think about them throughout the day. You may like or find comfort in the sensation, or you may be distracted by their thought. Regardless, if someone occupies that area in your thoughts on a regular basis, indicating that it is not a one-time occurrence, you most certainly have a crush on them.
  2. You dress appropriately when they are present.
    This may not apply to you if you generally make an effort to appear well. However, if you think about the individual in a different way, it suggests that you want to impress them or make them believe you are attractive. Alternatively, you may try to appear casual while dressed formally in order to conceal the fact that you have a crush on them and do not want to make it known to others.
  3. You mentally plan the conversations.
    While it’s reasonable to plan a presentation or a speech for business or a social event, it’s a whole different ballgame when you’re doing it to meet someone. You could be telling a joke, telling an amusing narrative, or thinking of strange phrases. You probably have a crush on someone if you’re practicing your talks with them.
  4. You become nervous when you are in their presence.
    Do you become nervous when you’re near them? You have so much on your mind, but you can’t say anything. That is most likely due to your desire not to embarrass yourself. If someone can make you nervous just by being in your presence, it’s a sure sign you have feelings for them.

About the quiz

It’s normal to feel protective of the people in our lives. It could be to keep a harmful influence or someone who makes them feel uneasy at bay. We do the same thing with a crush, but for the opposite purpose. You may become envious if the person flirting with them is pleasant and enjoyable to be around. It implies that you do not want to see your crush enjoying fun with someone else.

The definition of a crush is ephemeral. We can have crushes on movie stars or celebrities or even experience a passing interest in several persons at the same time. When we are drunk, we may even develop feelings for someone. The original meaning of a crush, on the other hand, usually denotes a sensation of desperation and fixation with a single individual that does not disappear with time.

While there are numerous things you can do to go from here, the first step is to recognize and accept that you have a crush on someone, and then act on those sentiments.

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