‘Disenchanted’ Quiz: Which ‘Disenchanted’ Character Are You?


In this ‘Disenchanted’ quiz you will find out which ‘Disenchanted’ character are you. Play the most accurate ‘Disenchanted’ quiz.

Disenchanted quiz is one of the most famous on the internet. In addition to Maya Rudolph and Yvette Nicole Brown, newbies to the franchise, Amy Adams is back as Giselle. The eagerly anticipated “Disenchanted” on Disney+ has returned with both old and new villains.

Which Disenchanted character are you quiz is even more famous and accurate than the others. Giselle and Robert relocate to the suburb of Monroeville after living in New York City for more than ten years and having a child. Giselle casts a spell that releases magic into the real world and puts herself and Andalasia in peril as she finds the town isn’t as magical as she had anticipated.

Before you take the ‘Disenchanted’ quiz, you should prepare about Disenchanted characters by watching the musical fantasy comedy movie Disenchanted. If you don’t know how to find it, try to search for how to watch Disenchanted online free and you will find some answers including Reddit.

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Disenchanted Quiz

Disenchanted quiz will have questions about Giselle, played by Amy Adams, who is a princess from the fictional Andalasia who finds herself in the streets of New York. Giselle made the decision to stay in the real world with Robert and her stepdaughter Morgan after falling in love with him. Following the birth of the child, the family relocates to a suburban area, and Giselle yearns for the magic of Andalasia.

Adams has also appeared in Arrival, American Hustle, Man of Steel, and Sharp Objects in addition to “Enchanted.” She has received six Oscar nominations. Robert, a New York attorney who fell in love with Giselle, is played once again by Patrick Dempsey. Robert discovers he will spend more time on the commuter train than with his newborn child after the family decides to live in the suburbs.

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Which Disenchanted Character Are You?

Which Disenchanted character are you quiz will have questions about Grey’s Anatomy, Bridget Jones’s Baby, Made of Honor, and Sweet Home Alabama who are among the prior roles that Dempsey has played. Idina Menzel returns as Nancy, a New Yorker who relocated to the enchanted land of Andalasia after starting a love with Prince Edward. Giselle confides in Nancy about missing her homeland during a visit she and Robert have with Nancy after the birth of their child.

Menzel has been in the films “Uncut Gems,” “Cinderella,” and “Glee,” and you may have heard her voice in the “Frozen” series. She was honored with a Tony for “Wicked.” When Nancy and Prince Edward fell in love, Prince Edward, a nobleman from Andalasia, brought Nancy to live there. James Marsden reprises his role as Prince Edward. Prince Edward and Nancy support the couple as their family as they leave the city, despite the fact that he was once engaged to Giselle.

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How To Play Disenchanted Quiz: Which Disenchanted Character Are You?

In “The Notebook,” “27 Dresses,” “Hairspray,” and “X-Men,” Marsden played prominent roles. He appeared in “Dead to Me” and “Westworld” recently. Morgan, who is portrayed by Gabriella Baldacchino and is both Giselle’s stepdaughter and Robert’s daughter, is not at all happy to be leaving the city and her friends behind.

Baldacchino has been in “The Conners” and “Ask For Jane.” Maya Rudolph makes her acting debut in “Disenchanted” as Malvina, the matriarch of suburban moms who turns into a wicked queen after Giselle casts a spell that allows magic to infiltrate the mundane world.

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How Accurate Is Disenchanted Quiz: Which Character Are You?

The best-known parts for Rudolph are in “Bridesmaids,” “SNL,” “The Good Place,” and “Loot.” Yvette Rosaleen is one of Malvina’s sidekicks, and Nicole Brown plays her. After Giselle’s spell, Rosaleen’s peppiness rapidly turns evil. She appeared in “Community,” “Avengers: Endgame,” and “Bigshot,” among other films. Malvina’s other accomplice, Ruby, is played by Jayma Mays. Mays has been in “American Made,” “Glee,” and “The Smurfs” in the past.

The main conflict of the movie is between Giselle (Amy Adams) and Morgan, a hurried and forced fight that yet has resonance (Gabriella Baldacchino). Following the birth of their child, Giselle persuades Robert (Jack Dempsey) to relocate the family to the town of Monroeville in the suburbs. Though they don’t go into it much, Morgan’s situation hasn’t been good, and Giselle has the misguided notion that sending a teenager to a brand-new town and high school will be a good idea.

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