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Take this Cod Zombies Quiz to find out which character are you. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

There were only the Aether and Keepers at first. Among them were two entities who would come to be known by a variety of names later on. The first would be known as Doctor Monty and the second as the Shadowman. The Keepers eventually created the Summoning Key, a technology that allowed them to manipulate the Aether. They utilized their mastery over reality to create Agartha. Later on, the Keepers developed the capacity to move between dimensions.

Several Keepers, including the Shadowman, began experimenting with the Dark Aether, an energy underlying creation, at some point. The Dark Aether corrupted and corroded their souls, and the corrupted Keepers were dubbed the Apothicons.

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The Apothicons constructed the Aether Pyramid, a device with limitless power. A divide developed between them and the Keepers who had not been polluted by the Dark Aether. Soon later, a conflict erupted between Apothicons and pure Keepers. In order to avoid defeat, the Apothicons concealed the Aether Pyramid on a moon within one of the newly found universes. After the Apothicons were exiled to the Dark Aether, the remaining Keepers assumed the role of Guardians. The Apothicons, trapped in the Dark Aether, distorted and mutated over millennia into twisted beings that bear little resemblance to their Keeper brethren. Above everything, they wished to return to Agartha.

Cod Zombies Quiz

By September 5 CE, the Apothicons had discovered that Earth possesses a portal to Agartha and had launched meteors carrying Element 115 to the planet in many dimensions spanning space and time. They think that one day, humans will employ Element 115 to wage war against one another, opening a rift that will allow the Apothicons to escape the Dark Aether. Also, you must try to play this Cod Zombies Quiz.

The First World War
The Great War between humanity and the Apothicons began throughout dimensions on January 15th, 1292. During the fight, four warriors known as Primis rescued Sir Pablo Marinus from the clutches of a Margwa. The Wolf King and his soldiers also fought in the conflict. Primis conquered the Apothicons, along with the Keepers and humanity, on December 31st, 1299, bringing the Great War to a conclusion after more than seven years of fighting. Primis directed the Wolf King to begin construction on his castle, which would later be known as Der Eisendrache before they vanished from history.

Several years later, his loyal servant Arthur scattered and buried the Wolf King’s bones in the grounds of Der Eisendrache, accompanied by the King’s Wolf, in accordance with the Wolf King’s dying request. Arthur has then relocated to Resolution 1295 in 2025 Angola via temporal rifts.

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The Ultimas Story
In 1885, a blacksmith named Jebediah Brown was residing in the Old West mining town of Purgatory Point. The mine held a high concentration of Element 115, which began to damage those who went down there. One of the miners transformed into a zombie and attacked and killed Jebediah’s mother. Jebediah went down into the mine, where he spent five days without realizing it, in search of answers. Jebediah afterward experienced a vision in his sleep on April 19th. Two angels asked him to design a contraption, the Pack-a-Punch Machine, which became a local success. Jebediah had another vision on June 30th, in which two angels asked him to develop an Agarthan Device. The Agarthan Device is made up of three parts: the blood of an older god discovered at the bottom of the ocean, an Elemental Shard forged by forging four human souls to an Element 115 rock, and a metallic Vrill vessel. Jeb is able to construct the vessel, but he is unable to get the blood or souls.

Jebediah improved the Vril Vessel with the Pack-a-Punch after manufacturing it. A temporal rift was produced as a result of this, as well as the breaking of the Earth after Ultimis assisted Maxis in launching rockets from the Moon in 2025, transferring the entire town, including Jebediah, to an underground cavern in Angola. Following that, zombies began to invade the now-buried village, slaughtering any remaining residents as well as Jebediah.

A meteor containing Element 115 hit near the Stony Tunguska River in Siberia on June 30, 1908. More deposits of Element 115 were discovered over the next few decades in Germany, Japan, the United States of America, and on the Moon.

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