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CIX Quiz – Which Member Are You?


Take this CIX quiz to find out which member you are. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

The night air is abnormally warm for this time of year. There are no windows or clocks inside C9 Entertainment’s practice space in the Mapo neighborhood of western Seoul. Two mirror walls reflect seven young men: five members of the rookie idol group CIX and the dance pair Just Jerk. They’re going through the motions for their new single, “NUMB,” an aggressively happy tune with a dismal take on the loss of youth, adult apathy, and Korean schooling. “One, two, three, four, and five, and six, and seven, and eight!” exclaims one dancer, his passion growing as his sneakers creak on the shiny floor.

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The dance appears to be both incredibly simple and completely impossible. Hyunsuk, the youngest and tallest member, and Yonghee, 19, whose kind features are framed by chocolate brown hair, collide but do not stop. Sweat drips down their chins. “When we’re on stage, every tiny movement and expression counts,” says BX, CIX’s 21-year-old leader. “I’ve realized how valuable every moment is. We want to be a band that our fans are increasingly proud of.”

CIX quiz

That is a common sentiment in K-pop, particularly among young groups struggling to build the dedicated support required to succeed in a congested business. CIX has an advantage in that one of their members, 19-year-old Bae Jinyoung, was previously popular in the temporary group WANNA ONE, but success today is not certain. They’ve tried to be as productive as possible in order to build their audience: they released their debut EP, HELLO Chapter 1: Hello, Stranger, in July, and a Japanese single, “My New World,” in October, while preparing for the new EP, HELLO Chapter 2: Hello, Strange Place, to be released on November 19. “It’s true that we have a really tight schedule and that we lose sleep, but when we see the end product, it gives us a lot of strength,” BX adds. They are currently rushing to finish HELLO Chapter 2, film the song video, and put together five episodic trailers that highlight themes that young Koreans face, such as bullying, educational pressure, and suicide — all of which are weaved throughout the EP’s lyrics. Also, you must try to play this CIX quiz.

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The group takes one-minute breaks in the practice area to stretch, check their phones, and drink Powerade. Jinyoung laughs when an extra dance move is included, but they seem like chicklets attempting to fly. Seunghun, 20, with mint green hair, has an epiphany to rearrange a piece of a formation by moving Hyunsuk further upfront with him, and everyone is eager to test it out. The members’ input appears to be more than welcome.

“First, we listen to the song among ourselves,” Jinyoung explains. He frequently hmmms and haws before being silent and staring at nothing in particular before addressing a question. It takes some time to get used to. “We strive to create the appropriate movement and atmosphere. The choreographers show us what they’ve created, and if it’s not what we expected, we re-choreograph it and ask them what they think. We’ll utilize it if they’re okay with it. We’ll occasionally freshen it up and use something better or mix it up.”

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