Breeding Difficulty Quiz: Test Yourself For “I Sold You To A Pet Store”


In this Breeding Difficulty Quiz, you will find out how hard to breed you are after we check your personality based on the answers you provide.

Breeding Difficulty Quiz Explained

Our Breeding Difficulty Quiz is made of 30 questions where you need to provide answers about your personality traits to test yourself correctly.

Are you “hard to get” or “easy to seduce”? Now you have the chance to find out in an easy way with our latest test.

Even if it probably has some sexual undertone, you will have a very fun time playing this test, finding out your real personality, and discovering some hidden world deep inside yourself.

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What Are The Origins Of Breeding Difficulty Quiz?

#breedingdifficulty first appeared to be a trend all over Twitter. Then, a quiz “I sold you to a pet store” was created and users started sharing their results.

The users played the quiz as if they were pets. Then got analyzed in a few sections including price, food preferences, personality, and the “hard to get” trait.

The “Breeding Difficulty” section was the most interesting one among all users and this is how a new Breeding Difficulty Quiz was born.

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Which Are The Possible ‘Breeding Difficulty’ Results that you can get?

Based on your personality and the answers you provide, you can fall into only one breeding difficulty section. Here is what you can get.

Points“Breeding Difficulty”
0-99Very Easy To Breed
100-199Easy To Breed
200-299Hard To Breed
300-399Impossible To Breed
Score Points and Breeding Difficulty Category

What Does It Mean For You To Have A Breeding Difficulty?

To have a breeding difficulty means how would you act if a stranger propose to you to have sex.

  • Very Easy To Bread: You like to be bred a lot and you prefer to be bred by different persons than a single one.
  • Easy To Bread: You give signals that you can be bred but not by anyone.
  • Hard To Bread: The persons would have a difficult time trying to approach and breed you
  • Impossible To Breed: There is no chance that anyone could bread you

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Should You Take the Breeding Difficulty Test?

Absolutely yes. There is no need for you to be afraid of tests like this. It’s a simple test where you need to answer questions about your personality and there is nothing wrong with it. You will see the results at the end and you will know more about yourself in the future.

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