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Take this ‘Better Call Saul’ quiz to find out which ‘Better Call Saul’ character are you. Play the most accurate quiz.

Better Call Saul quiz is famous because of Jimmy/James McGill’s turbulent existence which is depicted in Better Call Saul, an enduring criminal drama on AMC. Jimmy’s journey into Saul, from a would-be good guy to a greedy, sleazy criminal lawyer, is quite the adventure. He maneuvers through the hazardous Mexican drug cartel, saves criminals, and reinvents himself (and his company) as someone he never thought he could be. And now, everything is coming to a conclusion when Better Call Saul Season 6’s second episode airs on July 11, 2022.

The crime drama series, which was co-written by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, is a spin-off of its parent program, Breaking Bad, which was also developed by Vince Gilligan. It includes many characters who appear in both programs, starting with Saul Goodman. Numerous characters have appeared and disappeared throughout the six seasons of the show, but the ones that kept the plot going forward are the ones to pay attention to. They are not all nice or evil; rather, “just the greatest… with just the perfect amount of dirty!” is the only way to truly understand who they are. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are expected to return as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, respectively, for a guest appearance, which is the biggest casting news for the season finale. We have left them off of this list because they most likely won’t play a significant part in Season 6 which will lead to find out which Better Call Saul character are you.

Before you take the ‘Better Call Saul’ quiz, you should prepare about ‘Better Call Saul’ characters by watching the AMC’s popular crime drama series ‘Better Call Saul’. If you don’t know how to find it, try to search for how to watch Better Call Saul online free and you will find some answers including Reddit.

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Better Call Saul Quiz

Better Call Saul includes characters like Jimmy McGill, a former con guy, decides to become a struggling lawyer like his older brother. He makes every effort to succeed by acting morally, but life, the law, and circumstances prevent him from staying that way. In order to become Saul Goodman, a name that will change his destiny forever, he decides to forgo caution and take a dark turn in both his work and life. Jimmy McGill has a lot of unsavoury qualities, but his sense of humor, sharp one-liners, and outgoing nature help him get through any circumstance.

Mike has a significant role in Breaking Bad. However, who was he before to that, and how did he get there? His storyline in Better Call Saul explains everything. Mike is a former police officer with a dubious morale; some may even argue that he is corrupted. Nevertheless, the man has good reasons. Before ending up as a fixer for the Juarez cartel, as we also see in Breaking Bad, Mike had worked as a parking lot security guard, a bodyguard for a drug lord, and a private investigator. He has sporadic dealings with the lawyer and is also somewhat of a friend to Jimmy. Mike’s protectiveness of his granddaughter and daughter-in-law, though, has never changed in the way of finding out which Better Call Saul character are you.

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Which Better Call Saul Character Are You?

Which Better Call Saul character are you quiz features a very small number of significant female characters. But among those who are present, Kim Wexler unquestionably tops the list. Kim is a young, ambitious lawyer attempting to succeed in a male-dominated field when the novel first introduces her. She is Jimmy’s potential love interest. By the fifth season, Jimmy and Kim marry, primarily for legal reasons. Because of Jimmy’s new identity and his connections to the drug cartel, she is also in danger. By the end of the fifth season, Kim’s character entirely changes, and the once-idealistic attorney becomes something neither you nor she expected. Kim Wexler will be revealed in a completely new way in the final season.

Drug dealer Gustavo, also known as Gus, operates throughout New Mexico and the Southwest of the United States. He runs a number of legitimate enterprises, including the popular Los Pollos Hermanos chain of fried chicken restaurants, as fronts for his drug dealing (The Chicken Brothers). Gus stands apart from other drug lords. Initially, he is a well-educated, bright businessman who treats his restaurant personnel well and with respect. On the other hand, he has a bad relationship with the Salamanca family and makes every effort to drive them out of the company. Jimmy and Mike become close friends, and Gus occasionally takes advantage of them for his own gain. As a result of Gus Fring’s many facets and complexity, it is impossible to determine whose side he has ever taken in Better Call Saul quiz.

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How To Play Better Call Saul Quiz: Which Better Call Saul Character Are You?

You can play Better Call Saul quiz: Which Better Call Saul character are you by taking the questions that includes Jimmy’s late brother Chuck who was a partner and Howard serves as managing partner. You could say that Howard and Jimmy have a peculiar kind of rivalry because Howard is also Jimmy and Kim’s former boss. Howard possesses all the qualities of a cunning and successful lawyer: he is sharp, focused, and incredibly ambitious. Long after he has been trying to force Jimmy out of business, Kim finally succeeds in putting him in his place, severely damaging his mental health. We’ll witness Howard reverting to his former ways and attempting to convince Jimmy to be dismissed in the sixth season. But now that Jimmy has died and been reborn as Saul, there will be a major confrontation between Hamlin and Hamlin and Goodman.

Nacho, a youthful and aspirational member of the Salamanca gang, is Tuco Salamanca’s most trusted associate and a significant cartel figure. In his early days of practice, Jimmy McGill once agreed to represent him, and ever since then, the two have had a very peculiar kind of understanding. Nacho tries to shield Jimmy from certain difficulties, despite the fact that he is on the wrong side of the fence. Nacho becomes a little sidelined when Lalo, Tuco’s cousin, takes over the company while Tuco is away, and finally tries to kill Lalo with Gus’s assistance. By the end of the season, Nacho’s schemes have failed, and he is on the run from Lalo, who is trying to find him and murder him.

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How Accurate Is Better Call Saul Quiz: Which Character Are You?

Better Call Saul is one of the most accurate quizzes because Lalo is the cousin of Tuco, the Salamanca Twins (Marco and Leonel), and cartel lord Hector Salamanca’s nephew. After Hector has a stroke and Tuco is imprisoned, Lalo travels from Mexico to Albuquerque and takes over the business. All things and his occupation apart, he is a charming man with a penchant for posh goods. But he has little faith in anyone and has misgivings about Nacho from the moment he first meets him. Lalo discovers Nacho’s plan and escapes when Nacho attempts to assassinate him on his own estate in Mexico, but he is a man on a mission to eliminate his enemies.

Lalo Salamanca is portrayed by Tony Dalton. Dalton has primarily worked in Mexican movies and television shows as a producer and screenwriter. He has previously made appearances in movies like Colombiana and on American television programs like Sense 8 and Hawkeye. Some characters from earlier seasons will also make one final appearance in Season 6 of Better Call Saul in other capacities. Among them are Daniel and Luis Moncada as Leonel and Marco Salamanca, Mark Margolis as Hector Salamanca, Ed Begley Jr. as Clifford Main, founding partner of Davis & Main Attorneys at Law, and a few others.

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Better Call Saul Quiz
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