‘Prey’ Quiz: Which ‘Prey’ Character Are You?


Take this ‘Prey’ quiz to find out which ‘Prey’ character are you. Play the most accurate quiz among all other quizzes.

Prey quiz is famous because in the movie Prey, the majority of the cast members are Native American and First Nations actors who play Comanche tribe members fighting a Predator. A young Comanche girl tries to prove her mettle as a warrior in the Great Plains in the year 1719 in Prey by taking on a foe that has never been seen on Earth. Prey, the first prequel in the storied franchise, is set 300 years before the first Predator movie and takes place elsewhere from the present-day setting that has dominated all subsequent installments since the first.

Prey, which is directed by Dan Trachtenberg of 10 Cloverfield Lane, has a script written by Patrick Aison that is based on a story by Aison and Trachtenberg. Before the project was approved, which was expedited right before the Disney/Fox merger, the team worked on it for more than four years. The R-rated film, which is the first in the series to include a female lead protagonist, was filmed in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Prey features conversation in both English and Comanche, which is a first for both the series and any Hollywood film if you find which Prey character are you.

Before you take on ‘Prey’ quiz, you should prepare about ‘Prey’ characters by watching the ‘Prey’ movie. If you don’t know how to find it, try to search for how to watch Prey online free and you will find some answers including Reddit.

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Prey Quiz

Prey quiz includes characters like Amber Midthunder portrays Naru, a female Comanche warrior. Prey begins with Naru struggling with her typical gender position as a gatherer and feeling an urge to become a hunter and warrior, just like her brother Taabe. Naru’s mother, Aruka, pressures daughter to conform to the tribe’s expectations, but she refuses, showing strength when she is the only one who believes a greater threat is present and is determined to fight it.

In Prey, Dakota Beavers plays Taabe, Naru’s older brother. Although Taabe supports his sister’s goal to become a hunter, he still has worries about her ability to carry out her plan. As they struggle to survive in the face of the Predator menace that invades their territory, he soon starts to suspect that Naru may be a more shrewd hunter and warrior than he had first imagined. Beavers is an Arizona-born singer-songwriter who made his acting debut in the Predator prequel which Prey character are you.

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Which Prey Character Are You?

Which Prey character are you has persons like Dane DiLiegro portrays the iconic Predator, the first member of the alien race to land on Earth. The Predator in Victims is distinct from what has been shown in earlier movies, being a more raw and stripped-down version of the creature. He uses physicality as much as sci-fi technology to pursue his prey, which includes snakes, wolves, bears, fur trappers, and Comanche warriors.

Aruka, the mother of Naru and Taabe, is portrayed by Michelle Thrush. Aruka recognizes her daughter’s ambition to be more and attempts to raise her in a way that is customary for their tribe. In the sparsely spoken Prey, Aruka expresses pride and support for her son, a capable hunter and warrior for the tribe, but she also expresses anger with her daughter, who persistently defies social expectations in Prey quiz.

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How To Play Prey Quiz: Which Prey Character Are You?

You can play Pray Quiz: Which Prey character are you by answering the questions that have characters like Coco who portrays Sarii, Naru’s devoted dog from Midthunder. Sarii is a perceptive, perceptive, and adorable pup who assists Naru in protecting her while assisting her in overcoming the alien menace that enters their homeland. An American dingo named Coco was adopted particularly for the prequel to the Predator. She wasn’t a conventionally trained Hollywood dog, and while her role was initially intended to be considerably smaller, Trachtenberg found it amusing to include her in an increasing number of situations.

Wasape, played by Stormee Kipp, is a fellow Comanche warrior who has misgivings and is hostile to Naru and her quest to become a hunter and warrior like him. Having previously appeared in the historical drama Sooyii, Kipp is a relative novice.

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How Accurate Is Prey Quiz: Which Character Are You?

Prey Quiz: Which Character Are You is one of the most accurate quizzes because In the Predator prequel Prey, Mike Paterson portrays Big Beard, the villainous leader of a group of French fur trappers who finally capture Naru and Taabe and use them as bait to catch the unidentified new species in their midst. Later, when Naru gains the upper hand, the situation is reversed on him. Paterson has a long list of roles in films and television shows, such as The Fixer, The Moodys, and Punisher: War Zone.

Bennett Taylor plays the role of Raphael, one of the fur trappers who tries to stay alive during the Predator invasion while simultaneously working for and against Naru. Taylor has made guest appearances in the TV programs Motherland: Fort Salem, Supernatural, and Arrow.

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