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We don’t like to think about death, yet there are instances when we don’t have a choice. As the infection spreads, hospitals become overcrowded, and systems become overburdened. Our primary concerns, both personal and national, are survival. However, for many individuals – even those who are generally healthy – the crisis has unexpectedly revived the specter of death itself, our continuous companion even though we do our best to ignore it most of the time. Alternatively, in more typical circumstances, attempt to laugh it off. The most recent and notable effort was NBC’s big hit comedy series The Good Place, but even there, the humor was founded in horror, as Eleanor Shellstrop and her colleagues desperately tried to avoid the afterlife they deserved in the Bad Place and its unending torments.

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The fear is as old as the oldest known records of civilization. The hero of the Gilgamesh Epic writhes in anguish at the possibility of spending eternity groveling in dust and being devoured by worms. Few individuals nowadays share Gilgamesh’s fear of living in the dirt for the rest of their lives. Many people, however, are terrified of the prospect of endless pain. Perhaps now is a good moment to inform folks that this will not be the case. Also, you must try to play this Are You Going To Heaven Or Hell quiz.

Are You Going To Heaven Or Hell quiz

Over two billion Christians live on the planet, with the vast majority of them believing in heaven and damnation. When you die, your soul either goes to eternal pleasure or torture (or purgatory en route). Even in the nation of rising “nones,” Americans continue to expect a version of the options shown in A Good Place: regardless of religious affiliation, 72 percent believe in genuine heaven and 58 percent believe in a literal hell.

Funerals can be some of the most somber experiences of our lives, bringing the purpose, meaning, and brevity of human existence out of the shadows and into stark light. Only then, during a brief open-casket viewing, do we perceive our weakness and myopic inclinations for what they are: tiny and trivial.

Could our hesitation to discuss death be due to faith — disbelieving that heaven has a better existence in store for us than this one? Is it simply a case of attention deficiency – being fascinated by motion and sidetracked by dazzling objects that herd our minds toward transitory, fading things?

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Heaven and hell, like funerals, can be nothing more than pleasant or unpleasant afterthoughts of our Christian lives. But, like the Scriptures, they were supposed to be the lifeblood that animates it. Because, even when they are not expressly spoken, these two facts reside just beneath the words of every page of Scripture.

We seek to unveil what is implied in every page of Scripture and every day of our brief lives in this piece, and that is this: heaven and hell, not the here and now of this earth, are the ultimate reality. Three considerations should help us gain some perspective:

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are you going to heaven or hell quiz
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