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Take this Anime Music Quiz and try to guess the anime by the opening song. Compete with other fans on the anime trivia quiz.

What Is Anime Music Quiz?

Anime Music Quiz is a 30-question test where you will listen to an opening of an anime song and will try to guess what is that song. In our Anime Music Quiz you will listen to songs like Pokemon, Naruto, Dragon Ball, Yu-Gi-Oh, or something other, and try to guess them. This Anime Music Quiz is the most fun quiz currently on the internet.

A good anime’s opening theme is nearly as vital as the show’s actual content. The introduction establishes the film’s tone, mood, and reveals what the audience can expect. Over the years, we’ve compiled a list of the best anime openings ever made. Although some series have multiple opening themes, this list will only include one example from each of those series.

Some of the best anime openings aren’t going to be included in this list. They include Elfen Lied, JoJo, Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler, Death Parade, Future Diary, Yuri!!! on Ice and many others. Continue reading to find out what was left out.

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With so many excellent anime openings, some will go overlooked. These have been the standouts for me, despite the fact that I have a slew of others. These are some of the best anime openings of all time.

Anime OPs don’t come much more well-known than this one. Many people still enjoy Yuko Matsutani’s “Lum no Love Song,” which was released nearly 30 years ago.

Anime Music Quiz

When it comes to opening songs, this one does an excellent job of showing off the uniqueness and style that make up Urusei Yatsura. An excellent way to begin an episode.

In my opinion, Serial Experiments Lain is the most unappreciated anime of its time and deserves far more attention. The Wired network is the focus of the show, which also explores communication and identity issues. The show was ahead of its time because of the manner it tackled its environment.

When it comes to anime openers, this one stands out. Bôa, a British alternative band, wrote and performed “Duvet.” Anime openings aren’t usually combined with alternative music, but this works nicely with the OP’s stunning visuals.

When Durarara!! first aired in 2010, it was a huge hit. Everyone might find something to enjoy in the story’s many characters and intertwined storyline threads. This is why you should take try our anime music quiz.

“Uragiri no Yuuyake” by Theater Rock wonderfully portrays the show’s atmosphere. There is a lot of focus on the first season’s primary cast, but it also gives a glimpse into how they interact with each other.

Nujabes and Shing02’s “Battlecry,” from Samurai Champloo’s opening credits, is a rare instance of hip-hop being used in an anime opening.

The series incorporates aspects of hip-hop and the chanbara genre into its modern-day Japanese style. With its laid-back tempo and vivid images, this song perfectly captures the mood of the show’s lead character.

Guess The Anime By The Opening Song

So far in its run, the JoJo series has had an abundance of fantastic openings. Some fans would argue over which one is the best, but “Bloody Stream” by CODA has to take the top slot. This should also be considered as anime trivia where you can answer all the questions.

Unlike most other openings, this one is snappy and memorable, which is just what the JoJo series needs. It stands out from other JoJo openings as well as from other anime openings due to the outstanding animation and design.

The Day, the first episode of My Hero Academia season one, sits at the top of the list. Fans of My Hero Academia adore the show’s opening themes, which are consistently excellent. Deku’s character is nicely defined by the opening theme.

The song conveys the idea that Deku must give it everything he’s got if he wants to be the best. This is something that he dreams for one day. The collection of Deku’s training footage shows the strong-willed youngster sacrificing everything to become as powerful as All Might.

To kick off Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, “Again” is the opening theme. The opening theme depicts Edward Elric’s journey to find his brother’s body and the lessons he must learn along the way. Guess the anime by the opening song quiz will show you the results.

There is more to life than what can be seen with the naked eye, according to the song. Throughout the journey, Edward’s strength and stamina grow, as seen in the video. Along the way, he meets a variety of people—friends and foes alike. There are many music quizzes and this is one of the best.

When “The Hero” was played during the release of One Punch Man in the fall of 2015, the internet went crazy. The first line of the song, “One Punch!” has become an enduring favorite among listeners.

In One Punch Man, justice is satirized, and the song’s justice-themed lyrics are a good fit. “I don’t want your fame or your accolades,” sings the chorus, “I just want to bring joy to those I’ve helped.” A hero like Saitama, on the other hand, gets bored battling.

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The first Code Geass opener, Colors, explores the idea of how people can change, both for the better and for the worst, in their lives. Even in the darkest times, we should all have faith in our own abilities. In light of Lelouch’s rough moments in the series, this seems appropriate.

The “Pokémon Theme” tune is sung by children all around the world and is arguably anime’s most well-known opening theme. Sing along together with your friends while listening to anime music quiz.

Ash’s quest to become a Pokémon master is the focus of the song. This requires him to win battles, meet new people and catch ’em all. In line with the lyrics of the song, it is his fate.

A single, 80-episode opening credits sequence for the first season of Pokémon can be heard here. Take guess the anime by the opening song quiz to clear your doubts. Music quiz is when you listen to a song and than try to guess what that song represents.

“The Universe” depicts a dark and wicked world. Although Light thinks what he’s doing is beneficial, this alludes to the new world that is being created by him. The song then shifts to the thoughts of Light, who doesn’t understand why he’s viewed as a nasty person by others.

The theme conveys the story of a life that was destined to be so much greater than it currently is. Legends can be born out of a life of pain and sorrow, which might be “taken to the skies.” Asuka, Rei, and Shinji appear in the introductory video, as well as many conflicts throughout the series.

“Unravel” by Tokyo Ghoul is the second-place winner. Ling Tosite Sigure’s TK provided the vocals and guitar work for the theme song. Psycho Pass is the band’s most well-known project, however TK has opened numerous shows on his own.

This is the narrative of Eren’s struggle to adjust to his new circumstances. Attack on Titan’s opening theme is iconic in every way, from the titans taking over humanity to the loss of one’s own family and the realization that one is in fact a titan oneself.

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