‘Amsterdam’ Quiz: Which ‘Amsterdam’ Character Are You?


In this ‘Amsterdam’ quiz you will find out which ‘Amsterdam’ character are you. Play the most accurate ‘Amsterdam’ quiz.

Amsterdam quiz is famous because it can match you with the character that fits your personality the best in 30 questions. Amsterdam is written and directed by David O. Russell, who assembled a stellar cast to carry out the narrative. The movie’s release date was initially set for January 2020, however production was delayed because of the epidemic. But by January 2021, production had already started, thanks to Russell’s casting of several well-known actors to play the movie’s characters.

Which Amsterdam character are you quiz will tell if you are one of the Burt Berendsen, Valerie Voze, Harold Woodman, or Detective Hiltz after you answer all questions. The 1930s drama Amsterdam centers on three friends who become embroiled in a murder investigation after being held responsible for the death of a US senator. Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, and George Clooney are just a few of the well-known performers that have appeared in Russell’s previous movies, and Amsterdam is no exception. While Christian Bale was always committed to playing one of the three lead characters, Michael B. Jordan, Jennifer Lawrence, and Jamie Foxx were all briefly linked to the project. In addition to a large core ensemble, Amsterdam has a number of well-known performers in supporting roles.

Before you take the ‘Amsterdam’ quiz, you should prepare about Amsterdam characters by watching the thriller movie Amsterdam. If you don’t know how to find it, try to search for how to watch Amsterdam online free and you will find some answers including Reddit.

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Till Quiz

In Amsterdam quiz, you will need to answer questions about Doctor Burt Berendsen who fought in the American military during World War I. Burt opened a back alley clinic to assist other soldiers after suffering an injury that left him with a prosthetic eye. Christian Bale, who plays Burt, is well recognized for his work in American Hustle, The Fighter, Thor: Love & Thunder, Ford v Ferrari, The Prestige, and The Machinist, among other well-known movies. He also played Bruce Wayne/Batman in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy.

A lawyer named Harold Woodsman served in the American military during World War I, where he first met Burt. After coming back to New York, Harold took the test and passed it, continuing to be friends with Burt. John David Washington, who is most known for his roles in the Netflix movies Malcolm & Marie, in which he costarred with Zendaya from Euphoria, Beckett, and the Christopher Nolan action thriller Tenet, plays Harold.

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Which Till Character Are You?

In which Amsterdam character are you quiz, you will need to answer questions about Nurse Valerie Voze who gathers metal fragments for her artwork. While serving in Europe, Burt and Harold encounter Valerie. After the war, they make the decision to first relocate to Amsterdam before returning to New York, where Valerie currently resides with her brother and sister-in-law. Margot Robbie, who is best known for her appearances in Birds of Prey, The Suicide Squad, I, Tonya, The Wolf of Wall Street, Focus, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, plays Valerie. She previously played Harley Quinn in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad and reprised the character in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad.

Rich brother of Valerie Voze and an avid birdwatcher, Tom Voze helps his sister and her pals cleanse their reputations. Rami Malek, is best known for playing Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody, the James Bond movie No Time to Die, and the TV drama Mr. Robot, plays Tom. In addition, Malek has voiced Flip McVicker in the animated series BoJack Horseman, Night at the Museum, the independent movie Short Term 12, Need for Speed, and other films.

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How To Play Till Quiz: Which Till Character Are You?

Tom Voze’s wife and Valerie’s sister-in-law is Libby Voze. In all of Amsterdam, there is a tense relationship between the two. Anya Taylor-Joy, who is most known for playing Gina Gray in Peaky Blinders, The Witch, The Northman, Last Night in Soho, and the critically panned movie The New Mutants, plays Libby in the Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit.

Burt, Harold, and Valerie try to find a US war veteran named General Gil Dillenbeck to ask for assistance. Robert De Niro, best known for his appearances in Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, The Godfather Part II, Goodfellas, Casino, Analyze This, Meet the Parents, Stardust, and most recently, Joker, in which Joaquin Phoenix played the title character clown, plays Gil Dillenbeck.

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How Accurate Is Till Quiz: Which Character Are You?

Irma St. Clair, played by Zoe Saldaa, is a pathologist who encounters Burt and Harold after they are charged with murder. The roles that Zoe Saldaa is best known for include those in James Cameron’s Avatar, Star Trek: The Original Series in 2009 and its two sequels, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Guardians of the Galaxy, the Netflix film The Adam Project, Death at a Funeral, and the biopic Nina, in which she played the character of Uhura.

Veteran and close friend of Harold and Burt is Milton King. Chris Rock is a stand-up comedian and actor best known for his work on the TV shows Fargo, The Longest Yard, Top 5, Madagascar, Down to Earth, Saturday Night Live, and Death at a Funeral.

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