‘The Peripheral’ Quiz: Which ‘The Peripheral’ Character Are You?


In this ‘The Peripheral’ quiz you will find out which ‘The Peripheral’ character are you. Play the most accurate ‘The Peripheral’ quiz.

The Peripheral quiz is famous because it can match you with the character that fits your personality the best in 30 questions. The Peripheral, a television series created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy based on the novel by science fiction icon William Gibson, the man who coined the term “cyberspace,” comes just when viewers are starting to feel way too at home in Westworld.

Which The Peripheral character are you will tell if you are one of the Flynne Fisher, Wilf Netherton, Burton Fisher or Lev Zubov after you answer the questions. Flynne Fisher (Chloe Grace Moretz), a teenage gamer with a hopeless job in a 3D printing business in rural America in the not too distant future, is the subject of the new Prime Video series The Peripheral. When Flynne’s brother Burton (Jack Reynor) asks her to cover his shift beta-testing what she believes to be a video game, she witnesses a murder before realizing that she wasn’t, in fact, playing a drone-piloting simulation game but was actually piloting a real drone in real-time in the real dystopian London of the twenty-first century.

Before you take the ‘The Peripheral’ quiz, you should prepare about The Peripheral characters by watching the science fiction series The Peripheral. If you don’t know how to find it, try to search for how to watch The Peripheral online free and you will find some answers including Reddit.

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The Peripheral Quiz

In The Peripheral quiz, you will need to answer questions about the main character of the narrative, which is Flynne, and it is through her that the audience travels between the two timelines. Flynne is a straightforward woman who gets sent to the future when her brother Burton asks her to assist with his work by providing security in a virtual video game that turns out to be real and she experiences an incident she wasn’t supposed to. Burton invites Flynne to help with his work.

In the show, Jack Reynor plays Burton Fisher. The persona is a former marine from the prestigious Haptic Recon unit. When evil forces begin to threaten him, Flynne, and their mother after Flynne’s time in the future, this profession comes in handy.

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Which The Peripheral Character Are You?

In which The Peripheral character are you quiz, you will need to answer questions about Conner, a close friend of the Fishers, who formerly served in the marines with Burton. Eli Goree plays him in the television show. Conner, a triple amputee who travels in a motorized wheelchair, won’t let anyone undervalue him and won’t think twice to stand up for his buddies when they are in danger.

During her stay in London 2099, the main character Wilf Netherton encounters Flynne. Gary Carr portrays him in the show. Flynne meets Aelita when she first time-travels in the Peripheral, and Wilf asks her to help him find her. Aelita is the reason Flynne becomes Wilf’s target.

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How To Play The Peripheral Quiz: Which The Peripheral Character Are You?

The lady Wilf is looking for is Aelita, who is portrayed by Charlotte Riley. Shortly after meeting Flynne, who first rides on Burton’s brother’s Peripheral robot, she vanishes. Flynne discovers a disturbing truth about London as she looks into Aelita’s disappearance and attracts the attention of those she wouldn’t want to cross.

Lev Zubov, played by JJ Feild, is a mysterious man who seems to be on the right side of things because of his connection with Wilf. Lev, who comes from an affluent Russian family, helps Flynne find Aelita. The actors and crew “don’t want people to know where Lev or Cherise are going to come from,” Feild stated in an interview with Newsweek regarding his character.

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How Accurate Is The Peripheral Quiz: Which Character Are You?

T’Nia Miller portrays Cherise. She is an enigmatic, morally dubious person who could endanger Flynne and Wilf. Cherise appears to be rather evil, but in my opinion, she really is there to further the greater good by any means necessary, according to Miller, who spoke to Newsweek. Sometimes breaking a few eggs is necessary to produce an omelet since the goal justifies the means.

Corbell Pickett, who is portrayed by Louis Herthum, is a small-town drug lord in North Carolina who gets mixed up in the drama that Flynne finds herself in. “Wilf, played by Gary Carr, is one of our leads and the character who we want [viewers] to root for and follow. There must be something there; it can’t simply be fear, since he wants to be friends with Lev. Therefore, I intended Lev to serve as a link between these two worlds of our heroes as well as the outsider of The Collective, the group in which he is active.

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