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Take this Aesthetic Quiz to find out yours. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

Beauty is badly undervalued in today’s society. Utilitarian approaches based on pragmatics and ‘what works’ have gained the lead. The most crucial component, the human component, has been removed from the equation. We’re aware of it, and we’re feeling it. But what does Aesthetics have to do with human beings?
An aesthetic person recognizes the importance of beauty in the human experience. They are aware that perfection exists someplace because they are aware that no matter how wonderful something appears, sounds, feels, or tastes, it is not quite perfect. They seek the beauty that completes us.

How can you develop the ability to recognize this aspect of our existence? How can you teach your child to appreciate all of the wonders that true beauty has to offer? These five factors can help us find boundless joy in the basic beauty that surrounds us at every turn. The most lovely part will be seeing it in your child’s eyes.

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An Aesthetic Individual Understands the Importance of Beauty
If there is no ultimate objective to being human, and it makes little difference how we carry out the project of life, then life has no meaning and no need for beauty. We don’t just hope that this isn’t the case; we know it is deep inside. There is a reason why beauty may be found everywhere. It is significant. Also, you must try to play this Aesthetic Quiz.

Aesthetic Quiz

What is beauty if not an imperfect imitation of perfection?
Throughout history, Japanese culture has been fascinated by both perfection and imperfection. If such a broad range of features may be discussed collectively, historical aesthetics in Japanese culture has provided a window into how they see their imperfect lives in the middle of an environment striving for ultimate perfection.

In an article published by the University of Illinois Press in The Journal of Aesthetic Education, Robert Wicks delves at how we interpret the Japanese Aesthetic of the past through our current eyes. For thousands of years, in their culture, this juxtaposition of the beautiful and imperfect has been their way of putting their finger on beauty and bending to its relevance and importance.

All that is required to teach this to youngsters is to guide them in their search for things that excite them. When they see you being inspired by beauty in all of its forms, they will start looking for what inspires them as well. They will learn much more from what you do than what you say.

Allow them to see how much you enjoy the beauty in the ordinary, in the people who are often overlooked, and in the human experience, which can even include sacrifice.
Allow them to witness you strive, fail, get back up, and keep going. That is stunning. That is as significant as a well-designed church, a flawlessly performed symphony, or a cliff-side painting of a snow-covered valley in the Alps.

About the quiz

Show them the beauty in striving for perfection. The truly aesthetic individual is always perusing, always searching, and never settles for a knockoff. The journey to perfection, the fullness of our actual selves, is a thing of beauty in and of itself.

We have always pursued perfection, even though we know we will never achieve it in this life. However, the aesthetic seeker will always search.
Here’s an example of a video that addresses this issue. It’s supposed to remind you of the joy of reaching for something just out of reach, something outside of oneself.

Aesthetic People Recognize the Importance of Good Architecture
I’ve been to several buildings all across the world. Their design aim is immediately apparent when you first encounter them. There is either a sense that they are built for humans and what they find appealing, or that they are designed in direct opposition to this.

I’ve been in enormous, soaring chambers where the individual seemed insignificant and an intruder. I’ve also been in rooms with 5 story ceilings that drew guests in with astonishment and surprise. Such settings can be created by mathematically defining the human scale and then expanding on it.

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