‘1899’ Quiz: Which ‘1899’ Character Are You?


In this ‘1899’ quiz you will find out which ‘1899’ character are you. Play the most accurate ‘1899’ quiz among the other quizzes.

1899 quiz is one of the most famous among the quizzes that you will find on the internet and more popular than Pitch Perfect quiz. Among its passengers on an enigmatic 19th-century ocean trip is a diverse ensemble cast in Netflix’s horror-mystery series 1899. The ambitious series was produced by Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, who also worked on the time-traveling sensation Dark for Netflix in German. With heroes that speak more than a dozen languages, the series has a very diverse international ensemble.

Which 1899 character are you quiz is even better quiz than the other ones because of its uniqueness and accuracy. The main characters of 1899 are a group of European immigrants sailing on the ship Kereberos from London to New York. When they eventually reach the Prometheus, a lost ship, they discover that they have deviated from their intended course. Not all of the people survive the bizarre voyage that the ship embarks on as a result of what they discover on board. Here are the 1899 actors who played the characters.

Before you take the ‘1899’ quiz, you should prepare about 1899 characters by watching the mystery series 1899. If you don’t know how to find it, try to search for how to watch 1899 online free and you will find some answers including Reddit.

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1899 Quiz

In 1899 quiz you will need to answer questions about Maura, one of the first female physicians in the UK, who is eager to begin practicing neurology in the US. Women were at the time permitted to study medicine, but they were not permitted to care for patients in Europe. Maura is portrayed by actress Emily Beecham, who has been in the films Into the Badlands and Pursuit of Love. For her work in Little Joe, she even took home the Best Actress prize at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival.

The ship’s captain, Eyk, was in charge of altering the path after spotting a Prometheus distress signal. The trip is somewhat hampered as a result of his choice. The reader will immediately realize that the individual is suffering from a devastating loss and is hiding some dark secrets as the novel goes on. Andreas Pietchmann played The Stranger in Dark, which Dark fans will recall. The German actor additionally appeared in Kitz, a Netflix original movie in which he plays Conny Breidenbacher.

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Which 1899 Character Are You?

In which 1899 character are you quiz you will need to answer questions about Both noble and middle-class people who are among the passengers. ngel, a wealthy Spaniard who is just concerned with achieving his own goals, belongs to the first group. On the journey to America, he is joined by his brother, a priest by the name of Ramiro.

Miguel Bernardeau, who is a Spanish actor like his character, has gained a lot of notoriety since since he was cast as the lead in another Netflix original, Elite. Bernardeau is anticipated to take Antonio Banderas’ place as Zorro in the Prime Video adaptation after 1899.

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How To Play 1899 Quiz: Which 1899 Character Are You?

Angel’s brother, Ramiro, at first appears to be a cowardly priest who usually runs away from conflict. However, viewers will find out more about what he is concealing as the narrative goes on. José Pimento, a Portuguese musician and actor, is best known for his roles in the movies Al Berto and Valor da Vida.

Fflyn Edwards portrays the enigmatic and quiet Elliot (mostly referred to as “The Boy”). He makes friends with Maura even if he doesn’t talk to the other passengers much. Edwards, who has been in the movies Her Majesty and the television show The Snow Spider, is still a rising star.

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How Accurate Is 1899 Quiz: Which Character Are You?

Daniel is another enigmatic member of the crew; he keeps both his name and his ideas to himself. Aneurin Barnard, who also appeared in high-end productions including Dunkirk and The Goldfinch, plays the character in 1899. The Welch actor and musician also appeared in the miniseries The White Queen as a cast member.

Clémence, a recentlywed from France, and her husband Lucien are hoping to begin a new chapter in New York. He does care about their relationship, but not as much as she does. Mathilde Ollivier, who has had the chance to land a few parts on cinema and walk the runway, portrays the character. She has most likely appeared in movies like Overlord and Boss Level.

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