‘Violent Night’ Quiz: Which ‘Violent Night’ Character Are You?

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In this ‘Violent Night’ quiz you will find out which ‘Violent Night’ character are you. Play the most accurate ‘Violent Night’ quiz.

Violent Night quiz is one of the most popular quizzes on the internet, even more popular than the devotion quiz. Here are the cast and characters from the film Violent Night, which chronicles the angry journey of a hard-boiled Santa Claus who is out to get revenge on those on his bad list. David Harbour’s Santa decides to make the night the title Violent Night by severely punishing the offenders and providing some Christmas cheer to the family after a group of mercenaries holds an affluent family hostage on Christmas Eve. Similar to Bruce Willis’ Die Hard and other 1980s action movies, Violent Night maintains a straightforward plot while enhancing its bloody holiday drama with a colorful cast of characters and magnificent “season’s beatings.”

Which Violent Night quiz is even better and more accurate than the other quizzes that you can find because of its uniqueness. Given his intimidating stature and experience playing badass characters, such as those in Stranger Things and Hellboy, David Harbour is the ideal option to play Santa in Violent Night. Other well-known actors, like John Leguizamo, Edi Patterson, Cam Gigandet, Alex Hassell, and Alexis Louder, play characters who must either team up with David Harbour’s cruel old St. Nick or face the harsh repercussions of being on his bad list. Here is everything else we know about the cast and characters of Violent Night.

Before you take the ‘Violent Night’ quiz, you should prepare about Violent Night characters by watching the Christmas movie Violent Night. If you don’t know how to find it, try to search for how to watch Violent Night online free and you will find some answers including Reddit.

Violent Night Quiz

In Violent Night quiz you will need to answer questions about David Harbour. Action is nothing new to David Harbour. He launched his acting career by portraying secondary characters in films like The Equalizer and even the CIA in Quantum of Solace, a James Bond movie. However, he is most recognized for his roles as Sheriff Hopper in Netflix’s Stranger Things and as Hellboy in the 2019 reboot. He will also be reprising his role as Red Guardian in the upcoming film Thunderbolts. It goes without saying that the actor is not only quick and simple to cast in physically demanding roles, but is also immensely enjoyable to watch.

After millennia of fulfilling people’s unending wants, this particular Santa Claus has sort of let himself go and turned into a bitter drunk. Santa, though, is forced to take action when a youngster is in danger. How much of Harbour’s charisma the weirdly appealing position of an action-oriented Saint Nicholas attracts will be interesting to watch.

Which Violent Night Character Are You?

In which Violent Night character are you there will be questions that anyone who enjoys 90s movies is probably familiar with John Leguizamo and can answer them. In addition to his roles in movies like Spawn and Romeo and Juliet by Baz Luhrmann, he is best known for providing the voice of Sid the sloth in the Ice Age series and for playing Aurelio in John Wick. Leguizamo is an extremely versatile actor who has performed in a wide variety of roles. He portrays Mr. Scrooge in Violent Night, a villain who kidnaps a family in order to steal their riches. It’s reasonable to say John Leguizamo will be a worthy opponent facing off against David Harbour’s gory portrayal of Santa. Audiences should expect a lot of tension between the two actors.

Beverly D’Angelo, another seasoned actor joining the company, has been in a variety of productions, from some of the funniest to the darkest movies you’ve ever seen. She co-starred with Chevy Chase in the National Lampoon Vacation movies, playing the more sensible counterpart to Chase’s comedic clown. She also appeared in American History X, a movie about a violent bigot who makes an effort to change and keep his younger brother from following in his terrible footsteps. She looks to be the matriarch of the household who is robbed in the movie, albeit the Violent Night trailer just shows us a fleeting glimpse of her.

How To Play Violent Night Quiz: Which Violent Night Character Are You?

Alex Hassell, who is arguably most known for his extensive TV career and appearances in high-profile productions including The Boys, in which he portrayed Translucent, and Netflix’s version of Cowboy Bebop, also makes an appearance in the movie. Aside from his appearances in pop culture, the actor has also performed on stage in a production of Henry IV, Parts I and II. Hassell will play Jason, the father of the defenseless family attacked by Mr. Scrooge and his goons, in the motion picture Violent Night. Alex Hassell will be acting as a hostage while attempting to safeguard his family and, if possible, their riches.

Alva’s movie star lover Morgan, played by Cam Gigandet, has a macho front that fails to conceal his fearful tendencies. You might recognize Gigandet from his work in television and movies, such as Jake Green in Ice or James in Twilight. In addition, he will star in the December 9 release of Black Warrant this year. He also has a number of other projects in post-production with 2023 release dates. Edi Patterson, who plays Alva, is also acting with him in Violent Night. Her persona is the Gertrude and Jason’s sister’s daughter. Although Patterson has worked on many different projects, her most well-known performances are as Fran in Knives Out, Ms. Abbot in Vice Principals, and Judy Gemstone in The Righteous Gemstones. Patterson, who is known for her comedic skills, seems to be a perfect match for the dark absurdist tone that Violent Night is attempting to achieve.

How Accurate Is Violent Night Quiz: Which Character Are You?

Although Alexis Louder’s career is still relatively young, she has already earned several outstanding credits. Her most well-known performances were as Nicole Deptul in The Terminal List, Lisana in The Originals, and Ruth Williams in the Watchmen television series. Louder plays Linda, Jason’s estranged spouse who is compelled to spend time with his family in order for their daughter to have a joyful Christmas in Violent Night. Of course, their fractured relationship won’t stop the bad guys from taking advantage of her. No, the only Santa who can assist them right now is a mad, broken one.

Leah Brady is a young performer who you may know from Erin’s Guide to Kissing Girls and The Umbrella Academy. Brady will portray Jason and Linda’s child, who the villains kidnap as a hostage. However, unlike her parents, Trudy appears to be in contact with Santa and plays a significant role in aiding Santa in saving her family. Trudy is the spark of innocence that will probably carry the holiday spirit in this action-packed movie, according to Harbour’s dejected Santa.

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