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Take this Which Undertale soul are you quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

What Is Undertale Soul Quiz?

Undertale Soul Quiz is a 30-question personality test that will match you with the most related soul from Undertale based on the personal traits and habits that you have. In our Which Undertale Soul Are You quiz you can get Determination, Integrity, Justice, Bravery, Kindness, Patience, or Perseverance. This Undertale Soul Quiz is 100% accurate and you will get a perfect soul.

People fought monsters a long time ago. She won and screened the creatures behind a barrier underground. Anything might go in, but leaving it would require the power of at least one human soul plus a monster soul, and 7 human souls are needed forever.

Ultimately, a youngster has fallen. It’s the “dead person,” you’re called Chara at first; I’ll call them Chara. They requested assistance, and Asriel came. He found them and brought them back to his parents, the monster king, and queen who chose to take them.

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For a while, things were good but then they discovered the barrier and how it operated. They chose to break it and free it all. This involved seven human souls, first of all, who needed to pass the barrier and together with a monster and a human soul. One of their new family they could easily have slain — people are more powerful than monsters. But instead, they decided to kill each other and to offer Asriel their soul. The buttercups have poisoned them.

Which Undertale soul are you quiz

Asriel seized their soul and crossed the barrier, grudgingly agreeing to the plan. He traveled to the neighboring human hamlet to kill six individuals, steal the souls and return to set his people free. But… he couldn’t make it for himself. Even when people noticed him and began to attack with terror, he refused, with the soul within him asking for the defense of him. He returned home, where he died, wounded. He fell into dust that stretched across the garden. Also, you must try to play this Which Undertale soul is your quiz.

It’s in this place that Chara (the first man named by you) comes in. Chara falls underground after an inexplicable number of years. Then Asriel saves them. The injured Chara cries for aid. The story of Asriel and Chara is discussed later in the game. They died and fell very ill when the king and the queen took Chara.

This is why Asriel wants to fill up the people who last want to see their village’s flowers. By absorbing and transcending the barrier, Asriel does that. But in a tragic human misunderstanding, this kills Asriel. Initially, it appears to be a terrible human story, but the twist is dark. You are at the real laboratory, where you are learning that Chara has a dark plot of killing herself, possessing Asriel, and using her tremendous power to destroy humanity.

Then they most probably used Asriel by making a final desire to his nice side, which could only be fulfilled through the fusion of minds.

About the quiz

Asgore is in a frenzy over his children’s deaths commands all human beings who fall into the subterranean to death and to break the barrier with enough souls by simply eliminating all human beings and bringing eternal calm. Toriel, disgusted with his conduct, never again leaves Asgore. After departing Asgore, Toriel sets up near the entrance/exit of the ruins.

The game has two “real” endings — True Pacificist in which both the world and humankind are saved, and Genocide in which all are ruined — but it also contains a vast array of “neutral” end that murder and spare special individuals.

To finish the pacifist, one creature, plus every main character (and date) you meet, should not be killed. This way you will have access to new content – therefore play initially is worthwhile.

You must slay some monsters and their bosses before you come to the finish of genuine genocide. Our page about the genocide describes how this works in more detail.

A neutral playthrough is somewhat between the two endings above; it doesn’t save everyone but doesn’t kill everything in your way.

There are numerous tiny variances, but together with the consequences, we have identified those with the greatest disparities below.

Again, wait for lower spoilers. We advise initially to play Pacifist and then to try out the many versions…

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